The Board met recently to plan the 2018 budget. During this meeting, it was determined that our current revenue is meeting our needs. So, there will be no increase in the monthly fees in 2018!

What was determined though, was the need for a better breakdown of expenditures for not only the Board but for the homeowners to easily see where our monies are going. As it is now there are a smaller number of subtitles where the money is being spent and these are not descriptive enough to understand what the expenditure really was. Why is this important? If you are trying to build a history of expenditures you need to know what a reoccurring cost is so you can build this into your operating or capital/reserve budget.

Thanks to our new finance guy, Bob Weber, we are building this information into next year’s budget. He will also build a better documentation of our reserve funding and expenditures on our assets.

Our finances determine the strength of our community, yet it can be very tedious to handle and certainly not exciting to discuss or explain. Bob has dived right into this and has identified some shortcomings we have and devised various fixes to make it better. Thank you, Bob!

As always, I hope you can make the open association meeting on the 3rd Monday of each month @ 7 PM where the Board explains all the issues facing the community. If you can’t make the meeting it is important for you to read through this newsletter as it contains many of the areas that are covered at the meeting. Thanks for reading.

Don Roach, President

Easement Update

The developer’s proposal to build a pipeline across our property at the front of the subdivision has been reviewed and edited by our attorney. The developer has agreed to the contents of that revised documentation. The Board then approved the lawyer revised easement agreement. The Secretary and I signed the agreement the week of Oct. 9th.  The agreement states that our HOA will receive $5000.00 for the easement rights, and $20,000 will be held in escrow for one year after completion to provide funds to the HOA if the work across our property is not satisfactorily completed.

Work on the new subdivision is planned to begin November 1.  The easement work may include some partial lane closures at the entrance to our community.

AT&T Construction

As you are aware the cable/phone company AT&T is laying fiber throughout our community. We have had questions on who to contact if there are issues with the work being done. The number is 855-520-1757.

Board Election January 2018

The current Board Members are planning to return in 2018. This is good news for the HOA as this is a hard-working group. I say this not to discourage anyone from running but to inform the homeowners of the current Board members intentions. If you determine that you want to become a Board Member, fill out the forms found under the document tab on our web site Centennialcommonshoa.org. Send the completed forms to Melody Daniel at CMA mdaniel@cmacommunities.com to get your name on the mailed ballot in December. There are no term limits in our covenants which can be bad or good depending on your view. Our history has been that most of the homeowners do not want or have the time to be on the Board. The good part being we are fortunate we have a few that are willing to put in the time and effort to make us a great community.

It is important that we have a full board of 5 members (especially for voting) to make decisions in running the community. We do have various committees that require your help if you’re interested, such as social, pool and landscape. We can always use help in those areas and if you have a skill that we can use such as electrical, plumbing, or carpentry that would be very beneficial too.

Covenant Violations

We have had some comments/inquiries about various violations that have or are occurring in the community. There is a belief that the Board is responsible for handling these indiscretions. That is an incorrect thought. Per our contract with CMA, they handle all violations for the Board. If you have a concern you need to contact CMA, not the Board. Also, you have to be specific, not general in your concern. You will have to identify the homeowner who is committing the violation (your name will not be divulged). CMA cannot send a violation letter if they don’t have an address to send it to. Pictures do help!

Most violation processes work as follows:

  • Make a complaint to CMA at mdaniels@cmacommunities.com and CMA will investigate
  • Homeowner is sent a letter notifying them of the violation, stating they must correct/cease such violation
  • If the homeowner does not take action within two weeks, another letter will be sent stating fines will be imposed if the violations aren’t corrected. (names are never divulged as to who is reporting the violation)
  • The last step if the violation isn’t corrected (and in some cases, the action that needs to be taken may be postponed due to circumstances), is sending a letter notifying the homeowner that after 10 days of the date of the final letter, a $25 a day fine will be incurred until the violation is corrected.

Landscaping News

Oct 25/ 26 will be our next lawn treatment. For those of you that have your back lawns treated, ensure your gates leading to your backyards are unlocked. Our mowing crews will be removing leaves, trimming trees and bushes and other hand types of work as the grass goes dormant. Mowing will continue just not weekly. With all the flags planted around the community, the crew is having a difficult time mowing. 4 Seasons will be resuming mowing on October 23 throughout the subdivision but won’t be cutting off much grass and that should still allow ATT to follow their ground spray markings as guides rather than the flags. New plantings at our entrance will be installed October 23.

Pickle Ball

The pickleball group is playing on Saturdays at 9 AM. You can find out more about this group on our website. You can email Bob Dougherty @ bobron6@bellsouth.net for more information. New players are welcome.

Bunco 6:30 PM

Bunco is a simple dice game that is played once a month on a Saturday at the clubhouse. Based on your luck on rolling the dice determines if you’re a winner. You rotate from table to table changing partners and we take breaks between the 4 games to socialize. We bring a dish to share with those playing and socialize between 6:30 and 7 PM. At 7 PM, we start rolling dice. If you’re interested in some fun and a chance to get to know some neighbors, bring $5 a person, your favorite dish and your own drinks to join in the fun. Watch the bulletin board, the Facebook group, and the website at the entrance for the dates. We usually finish around 9:30 PM.

Free Library

In the walkway to the fitness room a bookcase is full of books. You may take a book to read or you may leave a book for others to read. Feel free to use this trade-off. Tracy Gibson is the owner of this process you can contact her at tracy@ink-jam.com.

Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

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