For those who want to be in the know! May, 2017


Many things are a happening in Centennial Commons Subdivision and they are good things! First, with the help of volunteers we have cleaned up the pool area ahead of the county inspection so there shouldn’t be any issues there. All the furniture has been set out and the pool is full and the skimmers are working hard to clean the water for all of us bathers. Secondly, our new locks have been installed along with our additional cameras. Third, the clubhouse and bathrooms have been painted and after some electrical work in both areas, they should be in top notch shape. Fourth on the list is the landscaping committee preparing the front of our community to look beautiful for all those that visit and live here. Lastly, and I know I will forget something; the volunteers are completing our new website. I have not seen it but have heard glowing reports. This will bring us into the new technology age and plant us at the front of many our neighboring subdivisions.
When you see homeowners or board members working around the clubhouse, pool or at various events be sure to take the time to thank them. Without their hard work and giving of time many of the things we all enjoy would not be available.
Don Roach, President

Pool Opens May 6
Yay!!! If everything goes according to plan the pool will open Saturday May 6. The pool deck has been pressure washed along with the clubhouse and furniture. Everything is clean, and it’s up to us to keep it that way. Please do your part by cleaning up your area and picking up other trash that may be lying around. Also the pool has a few rules that are there for our safety along with making the pool and clubhouse fun for everyone to use. So please abide by them. We do not want to take away homeowner privileges but we will if there is blatant disregard for our amenities.

Pool opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm
The great thing about new technology it is easier to control access to our amenities with a few key strokes on a computer. We have limited all homeowner keys to the pool to work only between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM. The lifeguards and pool monitors have instructions to clear the pool area before they leave for the night which will be at 9 PM. We expect everyone to follow the pool time rules. Again with technology it only takes a key stroke to disarm your key access card if you are unable to comply with this instruction.

May 6 thru May 23 No lifeguards or pool monitors
From May 6 thru May 23 there will not be anyone monitoring the pool except our homeowners. It is important that if you use the pool you clean up after yourselves. If you move any furniture around please return it to where it was replaced. Please lower all umbrellas that are up especially if you are that last one to leave. We have assigned volunteers during this period to test the pool water twice a day and close the pool at 9 PM but their duties are not to clean up after us. Please take ownership of your pool and keep it looking pristine for the next user.

Garage Sale May 19 & 20
Our annual garage sale will be May 19 & 20. We will be placing the signs out in front of the subdivision entrance by May 14 to alert drivers that we are having a community garage sale on above noted dates.

Garage Sale May 19 & 20 cont’d
There will be smaller signs at the clubhouse for your use on street corners if you want to direct cars to you.

Check the Bulletin Board
The bulletin board at the front of the community as you are leaving has our monthly events communicated on it. Stop and take a look (be aware of traffic flow) as you exit to see what is coming up.

New HOA Mailbox
We have a new HOA mailbox; it’s located at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive by the garage. It fits in with the landscape so you have to look a little harder for it.

Sewer Easement study from adjacent new Construction to Centennial Commons
Our attorneys are currently working through the legal portion of this project. I don’t expect much to happen until the parties get together on various issues that a project like this requires. We will keep you updated when things change.

Our new CMA representative is Melody Daniel. Melody has been with CMA for some time and has experiences with our type of subdivision. We expect great service from Melody and her contact information is as follows: Direct phone line 404-835-9201, Email – the address and other information is: Community Management Associates | 1465 Northside Dr NW Ste 128 | Atlanta GA 30318-4220, CMA Atlanta / Athens / Greenville / Nashville 404.835.9100 main line, 800.522.6314 toll-free

Landscaping News
The first growing season pruning of our front and side bushes is likely to start in mid-May. The annual summer flowers will be planted in the beds of the common property sometime in early May. The aeration of our front and side yards will also be done sometime likely in later May so don’t be surprised if you see “plugs” of grass and soil on your lawn at some point. The crew should blow off plugs that end up on your sidewalks and/or driveway after this treatment. Unfortunately, 4 Seasons is NOT going to offer this treatment for folks that want this done to their backyards. Our next turf treatment for our front and side yards will likely be in late May or early June. Remember homeowners can sign up for turf treatments for their backyards by calling 4 Seasons at 404-452-4455 or emailing and getting on their list. Treatments are $16/application. If you’ve been getting backyard treatments in the past you do not need to do anything.

Thanks for reading,
Don Roach President
And the Board of Centennial Commons

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