For those who want to be in the know! January, 2017


Let it snow – NO
At this writing, we are expected to get 3-4 inches of snow tonight, Friday Jan. 6. As before we have received inquiries into what we can do to make our roads safer during these brief but hazardous situations. The BOD has looked at many options and have determined the expense for what you actually receive is not worth it. Now when we actually have the event many think there should be no dollar figure tied to their ability to come in or out of the subdivision. But the argument would be where would you go? All the other areas are as bad as our streets and the only thing the county is working on is the expressways. I hope you keep your “cool” during these times and enjoy your ability to stay home and relax!

Work being done at the Basketball Court and Clubhouse week of Jan 9, 2017
Watch for construction equipment and workers at the clubhouse parking lot and by the basketball court as we attempt to stabilize the hill between the court and the tennis court. We also be removing the trees at the entrance and this may inconvenience some who use the fitness room early in the morning. Please be understanding.

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all of our Homeowners from the 2016 Board. We hope the New Year will find you healthy and happy. The New Year will bring some new faces to the 2017 Board and some new challenges that may be difficult to find answers to. I hope you will do your diligence in selecting your 2017 Board. I will include their information at the end of this newsletter so you may make an informed decision. Please make every effort to vote either by mail or in person on Monday January 16 at the clubhouse.

Challenges for 2017
First and foremost, John Burns is retiring from the Board. His duties are many. They would consume anyone that didn’t have a job but in John’s case he did. He eventually was overwhelmed with the duties and has decided for health reasons he needs to concentrate on himself which is a very good decision.
The 2017 Board will have to unravel all that John was involved in. They will have to tackle the most important items such as the pool, security systems and maintenance. I know most of you are not aware of the hours that are consumed just in handling all of the pool issues. These hours will have to be divided up among some very responsible homeowners. If we do not operate the pool by county rules the pool can and will be closed. Our biggest challenges with the pool will be when Splash cannot provide workers to monitor the pool. Additionally, the new Board will have to decide how to protect the amenities from vandalism, and believe it or not, from our own families and their friends.

All of our amenities are in need of maintenance and we will need some of our best handymen to step up and provide the labor to fix these ongoing needs or we will need to hire and pay someone to do this and these costs do not come cheap.
Our security locks are obsolete and require too much involvement updating every month. Our website which was handled by John and one homeowner will now be defunct as they pullout their support.
An I.T. team lead is in place and he will surely need help if anyone has skills in that area. This is the opportune time for us to update many of the old systems that have been in place since the beginning.
The 2016 Board is currently working on these issues but I wanted to make sure you, the homeowner, realize some of the challenges that face not just the new Board but all of us. We cannot continue to expect a volunteer group to step up and take on these challenges without support from everyone. I’m not saying we cannot suggest better ways to do things but don’t criticize if you don’t supply solutions and help in applying those solutions. 2017 will need more volunteers to step up and if that doesn’t happen, well I for one don’t want to see that result.

January 16, 2017 Special Meeting
You should have received a letter from CMA notifying you of a special meeting in January 16, 2017 to elect a Board of directors and to ratify the 2017 budget for Centennial Commons. The clubhouse will be open 7 AM to 7 PM for your votes on January 16 to achieve the 20% of homeowners needed to approve a Board of directors. Once you have voted you do not need to attend the meeting. You may also send your vote to CMA or give your proxy to a Board member if you will not be here on Jan. 16.
The meeting itself will include the counting of the ballots by 2-4 homeowners attending the meeting. The results of those tabulations and a Q & A of the 2016 Board by homeowners will be the extent of the meeting. The 2016 Board will not handle any business that day as they leave that to the 2017 elected Board. The 2017 Board elected directors will then adjourn the meeting and go into executive session where the Directors will assign various duties and titles to each Director. The new Board will decide at that time if a meeting is needed before the Feb. Board meeting, if so, they will pick a date to meet and handle any necessary HOA business.

Board Officers
The following are your current 2016 BOD who are running for the 2017 BOD

Don Roach – Three years on the Board, VP for first year and President for the past 2 years
Kathy Andregg – One year on the Board as the Landscape Director/VP
Richard Green – Many years on the Board, Director of Finance
Shirley Cox – Two years on the Board as CCHOA secretary.

The following homeowners are running for the 2017 Board they are as follows:
Cynthia (Cyndi) Endsley – Occupation—HR Professional, Experience—Previously served on Board for 3 years. Skilled problem solver, resident since 2002, and knows the neighborhood and community needs.
Allan Figueira – Occupation–Skip Tracer, Experience–Not only have I lived in this Community for a while and have consistently provided ideas on how to try and improve this development but also I have an un-canny way of re-searching items (i.e. making sure we are getting the most bang for our buck, making sure we are getting quality products/services and a keen eye to not overlook even the most minor details)
Charles (Chuck) Whitaker – Occupation- Retired and part time limousine operator
Experience – First time doing this but willing to learn and help out any way I can. Been disabled since 2003 but willing to work and help out.
You may vote for up to 5 candidates.

Easement study from new Construction
There are no updates on this. There are still studies being performed and additional information needed before the Board can act. Once we are satisfied that all aspects have been reviewed we will ask our attorneys to design a legal document that will protect our interests. Once complete the Board will then vote on the issue. If approved there will be a day or two at the most of disruption of traffic at the entrance of the community.
So why go through with this? One, the developer is working with various residents along the adjoining property line making their life and homes better. The developer is designing the drainage away from the homes that are situated along Centennial Commons View. And lastly the developer will be donating monies to our community.

Landscaping News
We have contracted out with a contractor to remove the 2 large arborvitaes that stand in front of the entrance gate to our clubhouse and replace them with 2 Palatka hollies. These new hollies will not grow near as tall as the current arborvitaes and will be easier to maintain in the long run. This work will likely begin as early as January 10 or 11, barring inclement weather. Residents are advised that parking will be temporarily restricted for about an hour in the early morning of the start date (7 or 8 AM) as the company takes the trees down.

The contractor will also be constructing a retaining wall between the basketball and tennis courts during this same time in order to reduce the risk of soil erosion from the existing slope that possibly would endanger the stability of both of those facilities over time.

Kathy Andregg is still taking names of residents that DO NOT WANT their corner hollies HARD PRUNED. This hard pruning should take place toward the latter part of January. Please send your requests to the CCHOA website if you do not want this procedure on your hollies.

Thanks for reading,

Don Roach President
And the Board of Centennial Commons



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