For those who want to be in the know! February, 2017

I hope your New Year is starting out in the direction you planned. I write this letter to give you some insight and information as to the direction the 2017 Board is headed. We have many issues to tackle and some decisions to make that will impact the community for years to come. We do all of this with one thought in mind, which is our goal, and that is to add value to the subdivision.
Please read through all of this as the information is extensive.
Don Roach, President
2017 Board and Responsibilities
We had seven homeowners vying for 5 positions on the Board and that’s the most homeowners running for the Board since the 2014 election. We had one open position and four returning Board members. I know this was sent out prior but thought we should issue it once more. The results were as follows and the responsibilities assigned:
2017 Board:
Don Roach – President/Amenities/Social/IT
Kathy Andregg – Vice President/Landscaping
Richard Green – Finance/Fitness Room
Shirley Cox – Secretary/Records Keeper/Website/Communications
Cindy Endsley – New Board Member/ACC Liaison
Volunteer Committee Leaders
IT/Lock & Cameras/HVAC/Key Access Card Authorization – Mike Cannizzaro
Social/Club House Rentals & Repairs – Elaine Drake
Website Design and Tutor – Tracy Gibson
Pool – Bob Weber & Kim Davis
Fitness Room – Kim Davis
Clubhouse Upkeep and Repairs – Bill Drake
As you can see, we have many homeowners stepping up to help this community in a variety of ways. The Board greatly appreciates their efforts and efforts of others before them to help the subdivision maintain our assets at a minimal cost. I’d especially like to thank Mike Cannizzaro and Tracy Gibson. They have committed a great deal of their personal time to update intricate systems that were long over-due for renovation. Through their efforts, we will be able to save many thousands of dollars. Thanks to both of you for your wisdom and your help.
New HOA Mailbox
We have a new HOA mailbox; it’s located at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive by the garage. It fits in with the landscape a little better than our other one did.
Electronic Locks
Soon new electronic locks will be installed at the clubhouse/fitness room/ entry door and pool. Planned installation is to begin March 1. The clubhouse will be closed for at least one, maybe two days. There is a strong possibility that our current access cards will work in the new system. If that turns out to be true, we will move the old locks and place them on the basketball and tennis courts. It is our goal to have electronic locking access on all our amenities so that your metal key will only be needed when accessing the bathrooms at the clubhouse.

Camera System
In a past update I mentioned we will need a new security camera system. But after reviewing the current system we are confident with a few tweaks and adding a 3 or 4 more cameras strategically placed we can monitor our assets adequately. This will save us additional money!
Clubhouse Spruce up
We have replaced all our can lights with LED long lasting lights. The lighting has been improved and will reduce our costs. We will look at new lighting in the kitchen and a new paint scheme for the entire interior. Once this is completed we will be replacing the rolling chairs with new ones and will refinish the wood tables. This will greatly improve the looks of our clubhouse.
Now Hiring
Splash is the company who manages our pool throughout the year. They have asked us to communicate that they are hiring for 2017. Anyone interested in being a pool monitor or lifeguard should contact them. This is a great way for high school and college young adults to make money and for adults who want to make some additional money. Good Luck to those that apply…

Now Recruiting
Summer Employees
Splash Pool Management Co. is now hiring mature, responsible, and dependable Lifeguards and Pool Monitors
We offer competitive pay and flexible days and hours.
Please call for details or contact our web site to apply.

Splash Pool Management Co.


New Representative from CMA Dotty Bonds
Our CMA Rep. Jenny McKenzie left CMA in January and we now have a new representative and her name is Dotty Bonds. Dotty has been with CMA for 7 months but was a partner in a community management company for years before she joined CMA. We expect great service from Dotty and her phone number is 404-835-9274.
Easement study from new Construction
There are no updates on this. With our new rep. from CMA getting her feet on the ground she will need to pick up where Jenny left off. So I don’t see much movement on this until March.
Landscaping News
There is a Tru-Green turf treatment coming up February 27 for our front and side yards. It will be a liquid application for pre-emergence weed control. New or current residents that wish can sign up to have these turf treatments applied to their backyards. The cost is $16/treatment and there are six (6) treatments throughout the year. Those of you that have gotten backyard treatments NEED NOT reapply with 4 Seasons. Those of you that would like to get on the list should contact Linda Lane at or call her at 770-452-4455. Ensure that you provide her with your subdivision name, name, street address and email address. Remember to leave your side gate open on the days of the applications for access.
Lastly, 4 Seasons will be doing the scalping of the dormant Bermuda sometime in February/March. They will be using the large deck mowers to do this and not the typical push mowers.

Thanks for reading,
Don Roach President
And the Board of Centennial Commons

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