This has been the busiest year yet for the Board. We have managed to fix and repair so many things in our community along with managing homeowner yards and common areas. With the additional rains we have seen great improvement in our front yards. The community looks in great shape and that is a testament to all the Board members who help in making our community look good. Please thank them for their time as that is all they get for helping us.

Richard Green has been the Director of Finance since a long time ago. I’m not sure he can remember when he started on the Board! Richard announced at the July meeting he was stepping down to pursue personal goals of helping others in foreign countries and a new relationship. Richard, the Board and I thank you for all your time, effort and work in keeping our financial situation in such good shape.

Easement Update

A meeting was held with the developer, CMA and the Board on Aug. 15 and the following was discussed:

  1. The placement of the sewage pipe and the area of the common property it will displace.
  2. Agreement on monies that would be held in escrow until what time work was completed, and signed off on and all expenses have been paid.
  3. All expenses of project would be covered by developer.
  4. Legal to review covenants to ensure Board has authority to grant easement to Cobb County.
  5. Legal to review all documentation and advise the Board through this process.
  6. Developer expects construction and clearing of woods to begin shortly after Labor Day.
  7. No exact date on installation of pipe and what other alternate plans available in case of unforeseen issues.
  8. Inquiry to Cobb County of the ability of the current draining system to handle the water that will be added to our property due to construction and elimination of woods at the entrance of the community.

As I have said before this is a process that has to work its way through various county, legal and engineering requirements. It was on hold for months due to permits needed to begin and now that has been completed the developer is eager to move it along. We will keep you informed through the open meetings, emails or this newsletter on what is transpiring.

The Board voted to place Bob Weber in the vacancy until the January elections. Bob has previously been on the Board in many positions and has a wealth of knowledge of the community. My hope is that he will run again in 2018.

As I’m sure you are aware a solar eclipse will be occurring on our meeting date Aug. 21. Some of our Board members and you may be travelling to observe this event and will not be here. We have some issues that are ongoing but nothing that would warrant a mandatory meeting, besides the Board met on Aug. 15 to discuss the easement issue and handle some August business. With that said, we decided to cancel the August meeting and we will see you in September.

I do hope your summer was fun and eventful for you and your family.

Don Roach



The final pool party of the year is Saturday August 26. We will have Mikey the DJ there and provide the meat, rolls and condiments. There probably will be a mystery meat that some may enjoy. Thank your cooks and helpers as this is labor intensive and as I said before all they get paid is by a simple thank you. 

The pool will remain open through Sunday Oct 1. We would hope everyone will be responsible for this valuable resource. If not, we will close it earlier. We will have lifeguards on duty weekends through Labor Day. All other days or times when a lifeguard is not on duty are swim at your own risk. The pool committee is checking the pool twice daily making sure the chemical balance is correct and safe for everyone to enjoy. The committee would appreciate everyone’s help keeping the pool area clean and neat.  Please be sure to throw away yours and any other trash in the pool area, put the umbrellas down and secure them and straighten the lounge/chairs.

If you rent the clubhouse it does not give your guests the opportunity to use the pool. All rules apply to the pool which limits 4 guests per household unless you have Board approval for more. Anyone using the pool must have appropriate swimwear on before entering the pool.

Landscaping News

Our next front and side yard turf treatment by Tru-Green is scheduled for August 28. It will be a granular fertilizer and post weed treatment and Tru-Green will also be doing spot weed treatment as they run across them. Those of you that have had past backyard treatments at the same time as your front and side yards will need to circle the date on your calendar to remember to open or unlock your side gate to provide Tru-Green access. If you aren’t currently on 4 Season’s backyard turf treatment list it will be too late to get you scheduled for the August 28 treatment. However, you can get on the list for future treatments by calling the 4 Season’s office assistant Linda Lane at 770-452-4455 or emailing her at and providing her the necessary information.

We discussed with 4 Seasons during our monthly landscape meeting the issue surrounding uneven grass cutting that many of you have observed recently. Starting August 21, 4 Seasons will be using the 36″ deck mowers rather than the self-propelled standard push mowers on all yards. The company felt that the larger deck will be more efficient at cutting the grass, reducing the left over debris and allowing the mower to provide a more even cut. The employees will not be allowed to ride on the back and WILL BE PUSHING THESE LARGE MOWERS. The President of 4 Seasons will be here on August 21 to oversee this, and he will also be dedicating specific employees to treating weeds that still have not been adequately killed in pine straw beds and along fences on your property. 4 Seasons was also instructed to ensure that debris gets blown away from the front porches.

Water Aerobics

Some ladies are meeting at 9 AM Monday thru Saturday at the pool to perform water aerobics. Anyone interested should just show up for some exercise and fun. Cathy Mattocks is the leader and you can email her at .  You will need to bring water noodles and if you have them water barbells.

Pickle Ball

The pickle ball group is playing on Saturdays at 9 AM. You can find out more about this group on our website. Practice has been erratic lately due to the heat so we can’t say definitively the days and times of practice. But you can email Bob Dougherty @  and he can give you some answers.

The group is always looking for new players… 

Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President

And the Board of Centennial Commons

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