For those who want to be in the know! April, 2017


Ah April, spring is just around the corner. It’s time to spruce up the subdivision. We are planning various things for the common property to look good for our homeowners and for those that may be selling their homes. We expect to have our construction and renovations done to the clubhouse before the May 6 pool opening date. New flower beds will be installed at the entrance of our subdivision.

As a heads up CMA will continue their biweekly inspections and will be notifying those of us whose property may be in need of some tender loving care. Please don’t take it personal, but instead fix whatever is noted. Or better yet get started on your own at fixing or cleaning the outside of your home.
The Board is hoping for a beautiful spring and summer season and all of us can pitch in to make that happen.
Don Roach, President

New Representative from CMA
As I write this I was notified that our new CMA representative Dotty Bonds will be leaving us due to personal issues. We have another representative who has been assigned and her name is Melody Daniel and she is a Community Association Manager. Melody has been with CMA for some time and has experience with our type of subdivision. We expect great service from Melody and her contact information is as follows: Direct phone line 404-835-9201, Email – the address and other information is:
Community Management Associates | 1465 Northside Dr NW Ste 128 | Atlanta GA 30318-4220, CMA Atlanta / Athens / Greenville / Nashville 404.835.9100 main line, 800.522.6314 toll-free

Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny hopped into the clubhouse on April 9 at 2 PM. We had crafts for the young ones and pictures with the Bunny from 2 to 3 PM. About 2:30 or later we had our Easter Egg hunt at the playground. Inside the found eggs were various treats for the kids and a few special eggs found had bonus prizes

Check the Bulletin Board
The bulletin board at the front of the community as you are leaving has our monthly events communicated on it. Stop and take a look (be aware of traffic flow) as you exit to see what is coming up.

Spring Yard Sale
After many requests we will have a spring yard sale. The tentative dates are May 19 & 20. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the event. We do not get enough participation to hold two yard sales a year so this will be the only one held in 2017.





April Monthly Board Meeting Date Changed
Because a majority of the Board members being gone for Easter holiday the April Open meeting has been pushed back a week to Monday April 24. Please make a note of it.

Dog Feces
We have had several homeowners complain to the Board about dogs defecating in their yards and in some cases on their driveways and sidewalks. I’ve even noticed dog feces on the sidewalk at the dog station where a bag is readily available for use. There is no excuse, and none will be accepted, if a person is captured by casual observance, by camera or by video not cleaning up after their pet. We have discussed use of hunter cameras and videos to place in the trees along what has become dog alley on Centennial Commons Drive. If we do go forward with this idea we will use them to identify those that don’t clean up after their pets. Once we have the information needed we will automatically fine the homeowner or rental owner. A call will be made to Cobb County animal control to notify them also. The community is tired of dog owners who cannot be responsible.

Dog Feces cont’d
In addition, remember there is a leash restriction in our covenants and a Cobb County Ordinance and those that are reported will be handled in a similar manner.

New HOA Mailbox
We have a new HOA mailbox; it’s located at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive by the garage. It fits in with the landscape a little better than our other one did.

Electronic Locks/Camera System
Our new lock and camera system is operational. Hopefully you will not notice any difference in the way you enter and leave the clubhouse except you will need to push an exit button to leave. You will need your entry card instead of the bathroom key to enter the tennis and basketball courts now that the electric locks have been installed on those doors.

Trash Dumpers
Trash dumpers who are dropping off their trash into the clubhouse trash bins beware our cameras are picking you up. We have identified a homeowner and fined them for dropping off trash at the clubhouse.

Speaking of trash as I walk around the community I see old newspapers, advertisements or leaflets or in some cases recycling or trash dropped by trash trucks everywhere. I can’t believe I’m the only one that sees this. If we would just take the time to pick up the trash around our homes we can make our subdivision look that much better.

Clubhouse Spruce up
We have received bids for the new painting of the clubhouse and have selected a contractor to complete the work. The new scheme should lighten the interior of the facility and bathrooms. Our major concern will be working around the current rental dates to ensure we don’t interrupt plans that homeowners have made to use the clubhouse. The fitness room will be excluded as it has been recently renovated.



Sewer Easement study from adjacent new Construction to Centennial Commons
We are currently working through new CMA Reps and our attorneys to ensure this easement process will not affect us adversely. As it stands now we have a few items that need to be cleared up before we can continue to allow this to happen. I can assure you that the Board will not approve this if we don’t see it in CCHOA best interest.


Landscaping News
Landscape news is fairly quiet until the weather warms up again and stays that way. The only activities that will occur in the future are a turf treatment in late April or early May and pruning of the bushes likely in mid-May. Residents can sign up for turf treatments for their backyards by calling 4 Seasons at 404-452-4455 or by emailing and getting on their list. Treatments are $16/application. If you’ve been getting backyard treatments in the past you do not need to do anything.

Now Hiring
I know we put this out last month but I will run the information one more time for anyone that missed it. Splash is the company who manages our pool throughout the year. They have asked us to communicate that they are hiring for 2017. Anyone interested in being a pool monitor or lifeguard should contact them. This is a great way for high school and college young adults to make money and for adults who want to make some additional money. Good Luck to those that apply…


Now Recruiting
Summer Employees
Splash Pool Management Co. is now hiring mature, responsible, and dependable Lifeguards and Pool Monitors
We offer competitive pay and flexible days and hours.
Please call for details or contact our web site to apply.

Splash Pool Management Co.


Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President
And the Board of Centennial Commons

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