Good afternoon,

At our past Monday’s board meeting, we had a lengthy discussion regarding clubhouse and pool rentals during the summer. The rental over this past weekend, prompted several complaints from residents regarding the parking of cars. Cars were parked on the street as well as down Centennial Commons View. Residents had a difficult time getting in and out of their the driveway, driving through the congested street as well as being able to park in the lot to use the pool.

Our first priority is to all residents, their safety and ability to use and enjoy their own amenities. With the increased number of residents now wanting to rent the pool in conjunction with the clubhouse, the board decided to limit the time this can be done on week-ends throughout the summer months , so as to not interfere with the majority of the homeowners. If this continues to be an issue, the pool will no longer be rented and the clubhouse rentals will be affected also.

Through summer months, Saturday rentals will not be allowed as this is the busiest day of the weekend and holiday weekends. The holiday itself will be eliminated from rental also. We’ve already seen an increase in the pool usage mainly due to more families moving into our community this past year. We’ve also seen an increase in non residents being invited to the pool over and beyond what is allowed. We are also witnessing more abuse of entry by residents opening the doors for those that do not have entry keys.

Because of these violations and increased usage of the pool we have initiated an attendance sheet that the pool monitors will be completing during their working hours. They will ask you for your street address number, family members at the pool, # of guests you have with you, age of the children that are with you and to look at your entrance key to get the 5 digit number from it.

For those who took the time to attend our monthly homeowners meeting, some of this was discussed.

Therefore, the rental hours are as such and future applications will be reviewed by the Board before approval based on the number of attendees.

Friday – Open for Rentals
Saturday: Closed to Rentals
Sunday: Open for Rentals from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Holidays: Closed for Rentals

Our amenities are paid for by all homeowners and are there for their enjoyment.
We welcome any comments regarding this topic and please take the opportunity to attend a general meeting. We hold them once a month and the date is posted on the board at the entrance.

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