Happy New Year! Here’s hoping your 2022 has been a good year so far for you and your family!

This newsletter writer has been busy with life and unfortunately death, so it’s easy for time to get away from you. So let’s try to catch you all up on the goings on within the community and the Board activities since the first of the year.

The community voted in January to reelect last year’s Board members for 2022 and approved the proposed budget for this year. This budget on paper actually shows a loss for 2022 but in the past, we have under budgeted our income and over budgeted our expenses. If we do run in the red we will use our reserve money to cover the over expenditures. The Board expects our finances to be in good shape for this year.

The neighborhood came out of the winter in pretty good shape. We have some sprucing up to do in the common areas and the amenities. You probably noticed the tree trimming. We paid for some of the larger work along the creek and our landscaping crew did the pine trees along the entrance and across from the clubhouse under their monthly budget. That was very generous of them.

As usual we will power wash the clubhouse and pool deck along with some of our fencing especially where the pine trees were trimmed up. We had the metal fence around the pool repainted and additionally painted the gazebo. Next up will be painting more pickleball lines on the far tennis court so we can add a couple more areas to play within the tennis court area.

The basketball court will be refinished soon and we’ve added a large trash can that we hope will encourage the players to throw their trash in. One can only hope!

We are adding a new piece of playground equipment around July and removing two worn out items. As the years go by we would like to continue to add and grow the playground. With more families moving in this makes sense.

The social committee has been very active with wine night, bunko and the egg hunt with the bunny. They have 2 pool parties planned for this summer.

Well that wraps up most of everything. If I missed something  I’ll add them to the next letter.

I wish all the Mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Congratulations to our 2022 graduates for their outstanding achievement.

Thanks for taking the time to read through the letter. Hopefully you will find it informational.

Don Roach – President CCHOA

Street Parking

Do you know the number one complaint every year for the past 10 years? Street parking! It is the reason we changed our covenants to cover it a few years ago. That and set a cap on rental properties. If you park on the street it has to be temporary, if not, you will be receiving a violation letter. Second offense will be fines. We do not go looking for violators. If you have someone that is violating this covenant you need to go on our website and file a complaint with a picture and obviously the address. If you have to park on the street for a length of time you need Board approval. There are also some parking slots at the clubhouse that you can utilize with permission. If you have to park on the street be aware of where you are parking and you are not hindering your neighbor’s ability to get in and out of their driveway. Also is/are your vehicle(s) blocking other driver’s vision such as parking on a curve or multiple vehicles in a row?


Financial Update

As of March 31, 2022 our total assets stand at $552,561.64. Delinquent accounts are $12,721. Approximately $1,222.50 has been collected in past due accounts in 2022.

 Our expenses are $11,247 more than we budgeted but our income is $2500 higher than we expected. So we are running slightly lower than $10,000 over budget. Expenses are running higher due to high expense items that were required early this year and we have a few more items that will require $$$ . Many of these items were cooked into the cake but they are averaged over the entire year. When that happens, the expenses become skewered versus the budget numbers. We expect the budget to come in line as the year progresses.


Landscape Report May 2022

Tree canopies have been raised at the creek, playground across from the clubhouse, by the tennis court and in the entrance.  The crew cleaned extra areas at the entrance and hard trimmed some of the bushes as well.  This gives the neighborhood a cleaner, neater appearance.

Shrubs are being pruned and grass is starting to be mowed.  The crew is having some start up issues such as manpower, doing work above and beyond, and equipment failure but we hope to get this worked out before the growing season starts.  All these things slow the crew down so they’ve not got a routine yet that is set.  PLEASE DON’T TALK TO THE CREW AS THIS SLOWS THEM AS WELL. Be patient, we’re working on it.

We’re allowing the use of bigger mowers having been promised they will be very careful.  Smaller mowers will still be used on smaller yards.   So far we have not seen any damage from using the larger mower and the cut looks good.

Flower beds will be planted in the next week or two and the irrigation will be checked.

We’ve had one application of pre-emergent weed spray and will have another starting Thursday 5/12 and finishing Monday 5/16.  For those having the backyard done be sure to have your gate unlocked and items picked up in your yard.

We will be having our monthly meeting with the landscape company manager this week and will address some of the issues we’ve had.  Getting them on a specific schedule being our number one goal.

Bob Weber & Landscape committee.


ACC News

We have had 15 ACC requests YTD.  I found another supplier for our vinyl fencing repairs. Menards.com Yardworks Belmont 6×6 White dog ear vinyl fence panels. I have forwarded the link to Robert Cox, one of our subdivision repair contractor as well. 

As a reminder to homeowners who want to modify the outside of home or any landscaping modifications the procedure is to send in the 2 page ACC request found on our website. Any alteration or change of any kind to the exterior of your home or lot requires prior approval of the ACC Committee.

Thank you,

Stephanie Barnes and ACC Committee

Amenity News

The pool opened May 1, but our monitors will not be on the job until Memorial Day weekend. Until then you swim at your own risk and monitor each other for rule compliance. For those that cannot comply with the pool rules,  we will be deactivating your cards and fines may be applied. Some residents have already had their cards deactivated because of fees not paid or other reasons. We see them trying to come in on others cards, asking someone to let them in or hold the gate for them. If this happens then both residents will have violations applied to their cards and could be fined as well. Also remember that a COVID Waiver must be on file for your key to be active. Thanks for helping to keep the pool safe.

Lastly, I’m always looking for volunteers to open and close the pool. If you’re interested see me at the pool or email me at cchoaamenities@gmail.com

The far tennis court will have additional pickleball lines drawn on it and we are purchasing two mobile nets to be used so more players can use the courts at one time.

The basketball court will be resurfaced soon. The last application did not last as expected. This company we have hired has had better results.

Both courts will be shut down during the upgrades. We will send out notifications on Facebook.

Thanks for your understanding.


Ladies Card Game

Will be Thursday May 19 @ noon at the clubhouse. Bring five $1dollar bills and a dish to share


Will be Saturday May 21, @ 7 PM at the clubhouse, with meet and greet at 6:30 PM. Bring $5 and a dish to share and your own drinks. Bunko is a dice game that you win at by rolling certain combinations.

Pool Party

The social committee is planning two pool parties this summer. June 4th and August 6th are the tentative dates. Both dates are on Saturday. This allows them to have a rain date the next day if possible. Mikey the DJ will be there playing music for all. Grills will be going and hot and cold food will be served. Please provide your own drinks.

Kids Safety

Every year we discuss the need to slow down while driving through the subdivision for safety reasons. Again this is a reminder to slow down and watch for children playing in or near the streets. I’m sure none of us want to have an accident with our neighbors who may not be looking out for you and your vehicle. This is not about who is right, it’s about avoiding a tragedy.


Signs everywhere a sign

Our covenants state residents cannot place vendor advertising signs in their front yards. We have allowed them for 24 hours after the work was finished. After that they need to be removed.

Newspapers in the Driveways

Last notice: Here is another item we’ve discussed many times and continues in some locations over and over. This too will be met with violation letters and fines if necessary to bring the home into compliance. Pick up your unwanted newspapers or stop the subscription. All of these free newspapers have a number to call when you no longer want them.


We have contracted with two new companies to cover our landscaping and pool needs in 2022. Our two long term vendors failed us more than usual and in some cases became contentious. Both of these new companies, Courtyard Pools and Atlanta Landscape Group come with higher price tags but offer better service and were both competitive in the bids we received from



I cannot say this enough, go to our website and look around. You will find everything you need, especially information to handle most of your questions and how to submit various forms and report issues. The website address is on the top of this newsletter for your convenience! Additionally our email address is centennialcommoner@yahoo.com.

Spring Cleaning

As the subdivision ages so do our homes and landscaping in the front yards. With that in mind our ACC group has been tasked to work with our CMA partner to identify residents who need to spruce up their homes and remain in compliance with our covenants. Hopefully most of you know where you need some work done or the changes needed to enhance your home. Remember you do need to fill out an ACC request form and get approval before beginning any work.

Mailbox Numbers

The Board will not replace mailbox numbers for you. You will need to do the work yourself or have it done. The Board does have some numbers that we will give to you if needed. If we don’t have your number here is a vendor that can provide you with the 2″ Williamsburg Brass Mailbox numbers:

Addresses of Distinction.com, 800-436-1647, 770-436-6198, $3.95 each plus shipping.


Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons, Directors, Bob Weber, Finance & Landscaping, Chuck Whitaker, Amenities, Stephanie Davis, ACC Coordinator  and Shirley Cox, Secretary/Legal

Attn Residents - Get your COVID-19 Amenities Waiver to use the amenities!