It’s spring! Yay!! Vaccines are rolling out and things are starting to get back to normal. Let’s hope this trend continues and last year becomes a bad memory. Let me give you some information on the future for Centennial Commons.

First I’d like to thank all that voted in the budget and Board for another year. We take your vote of confidence as an affirmation on our vision and goals we have for Centennial Commons.

Next we have just decided to hold our next open meeting in April virtually as we believe it will still be too soon to fill the clubhouse and expose the Board and our CMA representative to Covid-19. The scheduled day and time would be April 19 @ 7 PM but with the unexpected way things are going you just never know, right? We will update you as that date gets closer.

The plan is to open the pool again this year. Our Splash contract has been inked and it will be much like last year. In the beginning a monitor will be around for closing and once things heat up we plan to have a monitor on duty the entire time to check in residents and guests. We will be checking those residents and guests with the names we have on file with signed waivers. Last year’s waivers are rolled over to this year so you do not need to fill out a new one.

For those who did not complete their waiver last year, or any new residents that need to complete and turn it in, a copy of the waiver is attached.  Please fill it out and return either via email or at the HOA drop box at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive.

If you bring any new person who hasn’t filled out a waiver, they will have to fill one out. We’d prefer if it was filled out prior to arriving but we plan to have forms available poolside.

The fitness room and clubhouse will remain closed until we work out the intricacies that are required by CDC and the State of Georgia. I know there are a few of you that are chomping at the bit to use them. We are working to finalize all the details, but we have to protect our investments for all those that own them. Please be patient.  Our anticipated opening is early April.

This year with all the amenities possibly being used the Board will be very busy. I’m sure based on past performances we will meet the challenge. If you find some time and you can help us please look into being a volunteer. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work!

Thanks for taking the time to read through the letter. Hopefully you will find it informational.


Don Roach

President CCHOA


Kids Safety

Every year we discuss the need to slow down while driving through the subdivision for safety reasons. Again this is a reminder to slow down and watch for children playing in or near the streets. I’m sure none of us want to have an accident with our neighbors who may not be looking out for you and your vehicle. This is not about who is right, it’s about avoiding a tragedy and protecting our community children.


Our covenants state residents cannot place vendor advertising signs in their front yards. We have allowed them for 24 hours after the work was finished. After that they need to be removed. I’m seeing more and more of these which will cause violations letters to go out.

Egg Hunt and Bunny

The social committee had decided to go forward with the egg hunt this year!  On March 27th, our bunny was hopping around the Tennis Courts to welcome the youngsters. All activities were held outside. The event was a huge success and the children seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks to Elaine Drake and her team/friends for organizing, planning and clean up. Special thank you to the bunny that had to weather a bit of heat while everyone else was in shorts. Hope to have another one next year!!!

Pool Opening

Saturday, May 1, 2021, @ noon, will be the opening date and time for our pool to open. Hours of operation for the first two weeks will be from noon to 7 PM. Of course, we need everything to come together such as pool inspection, pool equipment running as intended, furniture being set out, pool deck being cleaned, etc. We will keep you updated on the opening as it gets closer.

Chuck Whitaker is still in need of volunteers to help with water testing, emptying garbage cans, and closing/opening requirements. Without additional volunteers, pool hours may need to change.         

Contact Chuck at or by phone at 404-934-5023.

Mailbox Numbers

The Board has decided to replace mailbox numbers as they are identified. Bill Drake has volunteered to provide the maintenance required to replace those that haven’t stayed on. The Board will pay for the cost of the numbers and Bill’s time to complete the tasks as needed. If you want to replace your own here is a vendor that can provide you with the  2″ Williamsburg Brass Mailbox numbers:



$3.95 each plus shipping.

Fitness Center / Clubhouse Opening

We’ve had many inquire about the opening of the fitness center. The Board has decided at our March meeting to revisit this and since then we have received more favorable guidance from our attorney and insurance carrier. There will be additional rules added to both amenities to enable them to be used. These new addendums will need to be followed or the resident(s) will lose the right to use them along with fines for any unauthorized use. Based on these new guidelines we will open these amenities. The plan is to open in early April.

Pressure Washing / Fines

Second notice: The Board has sent many communications to residents to clean up their homes while the weather is good to do so. Warning letters have been sent also. If you are a resident that has received one of these letters you should respond to CMA with your plan to fix the issue or else you will be subject not only to a fine but a daily fine. Hopefully you will make the necessary plans to abstain from having to pay fines.


Newspapers in Driveways

Second notice: Here is another item we’ve discussed many times and continues in some locations over and over. This too will be met with violation letters and fines if necessary to bring the home into compliance. Pick up your unwanted newspapers or stop the subscription. All of these free newspapers have a number to call when you no longer want them.

Landscaping News

  • Pruning is done, trees are mostly trimmed up and grass mowing has begun.
  • They will finish the first mowing next week, weather permitting. There will be more lowering of the grass to about 1 inch when they complete the mowing.
  • We had 4 complaints about the hard prune and all agreed that was good considering 300 homes.
  • Supervisor will check the dog stations and refill them as needed.
  • Irrigation will be checked and turned on by the 1st week of April.
  • Aeration will be done at the end of April or the 1st week of May.
  • The next turf treatment will be a liquid pre and post emergent weed control and will be applied April 15.
  • Flowers are scheduled to be planted first week of May.
  • Crew is spraying pine straw areas to reduce weeds.
  • Pine straw scheduled for 1st or 2nd week of June.
    Next meeting April 16 at 9:30.

Financial Update

As of Feb. 28, 2021, our total assets stand at $525,201. Delinquent accounts are $10,825. Our income is very close to our budgeted amount and is only $1500 more than we anticipated. Expenses are running less this time of the year, $6300 less to be exact. As spring leads into summer our expectation is for those to rise so it’s good we have a cushion of excess money. Based on last year’s events the Board, with Treasurer Bob Weber’s help, crafted a pretty concise budget. So we are confident it will be very close to the actual expenses we will incur. Therefore the Board is certain, with more than adequate assets in our accounts, our current monthly fees cover our expenses and the reserves are funded well enough for any unforeseen issues in 2021.

New Expenditures

We have a cement issue at the pool where the far west corner has settled and broke and raised the cement into a tripping hazard. This issue will cost us $5,000 dollars to repair. We will attempt to get this done before the pool opens.

Secondly, we have added another pump to the pool. This will help clean the pool when we have a large amount of bathers. It will also help when a pump goes out or some other required maintenance procedures would cause us to shut down the pool if we had just one pump. The cost was $6,000.

Lastly, we are contemplating parking lot repairs of approximately 2 K dollars. Maintenance now will save many dollars in the future.


Thanks for reading!

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons, Directors, Bob Weber, Finance, Chuck Whitaker, Amenities, Bill Drake, ACC Coordinator and Shirley Cox, Secretary

Attn Residents - Get your COVID-19 Amenities Waiver to use the amenities!