It’s time we provide the community some updates on the virus and how it has affected your HOA.  

Still, all social functions and meetings have been suspended until what time we can safely do them. The Board has met pool side in April & May and just recently here in July in the clubroom. In addition we have discussed various topics via email and conference calls.

The following are items that are or have been implemented or mandated because of the virus.

Thanks for reading,      

Don Roach, President

COVID-19 News

The Pool

The pool has opened but requires waivers that have to be signed by adults (18 and over) and by parents or guardians of any children who want to use the pool. Guests are allowed but each resident is only allowed a total of 6 people to enter on their key. Guests need to sign their own waivers, not the residents! We ask each resident to limit their stay at the pool to 3 hours if the pool is busy. If the pool is at capacity we ask you to leave after 2 hours if there are other residents wanting to use the pool. The maximum capacity originally was 35 but was increased to 50 when the governor changed the crowd capacity. Social distancing is recommended and encouraged while at the pool. Wearing of a mask is a personal decision but no masks in the water.

Other Amenities

Your waiver is good for all amenities so only one waiver is needed for use of the amenities. Unfortunately, the other amenities, playground, and fitness room are still closed due to the guidance from CMA and our legal representatives based on the Governor’s edicts. Mostly, this is due to be able to clean either facility after each use.

The Basketball court can be used only by immediate family members due to the social distance issues and as long as they have submitted a waiver.

Tennis court along with pickleball usage is allowed but social distancing is recommended and also requires a waiver.

The clubhouse will not be rented until what time CMA and our legal representatives okay that use. This amenity will probably be the last to open. We are still taking reservations but I would not get my hopes up before October or November.

Again one waiver covers all available amenities. But if using the clubhouse or the tennis/pickleball and basketball courts we must have everyone, entering our property to use an amenity, sign a waiver. If not, you the homeowner could be held legally liable. 

Changes Coming Soon

We have new locks being installed the week of July 13th on the tennis and basketball courts. These new locks will help Chuck Whitaker from having to open up these amenities every time a resident wants to use them. Once locks are installed you will again be able to use your key to gain access. But you still must have a waiver on file for your key to work.

Additionally, we will be resurfacing the tennis courts the week of 7/20. This will repair all the cracks and add new paint and nets. I believe the courts will be closed for one week after repairs to ensure the work will not be affected.

The state has passed a bill to provide us with some protection from litigation but has not been signed into law as of this writing. Per the legal interpretation, this won’t change much in the overall scheme of things so I doubt you will see either the fitness room or playground open until some of the mandatory requirements are lifted. At this writing, we are seeing an increase in cases and concerns over the hospitals’ capacities. Until the time when cases reduce, I doubt the state will change anything. In fact, we may see tougher rules which may cause closings of the open amenities.

Maintain social distancing when at the amenities and use hand sanitizers and spray solution bottles provided. Wash your hands frequently and use a mask when needed. Keep your hands from your face too. If we practice these habits we can protect ourselves from the virus.  

I do hope you and your families are doing well and wish you good health.

Other News

Basketball and Tennis Court Use

Until the new locks are installed you can use the courts by calling Chuck Whitaker 404-934-5023. For basketball court use, due to the impossibility of social distancing, only immediate family members can use the court. Only one family at a time. Please give Chuck an hour’s notice before wanting to use the court. Chuck will meet you and unlock the chained door to the court you want to use. When finished make sure you close the door and ensure it latches.

Swimming Pool – August and Beyond

The Board will look to extend the splash monitors at the pool for as long as we can. With Cobb County postponing the start of school by two weeks it should give us another 2 weeks of coverage. Our contract calls for weekend staffing after school starts. Our contract doesn’t cover the cost of additional coverage so we will pay Splash monthly for the hours used. Once the monitors leave we will need to see if we can reasonably meet what is mandated by the state CDC for the pool to stay open with volunteers. If not, then the pool will close during those times when we aren’t staffed.

Traffic Calming

Colin Ferguson will be reaching out to the residents to see what they’d like to do to curb some of our heavy-footed drivers. He will be surveying the subdivision and will bring the results to the Board for action. If you forgot about this it was printed in the Jan/Feb Newsletter. Here it is again: Traffic Calming


Landscaping News

4 Seasons have been working hard to keep up with the growth this year. With the added moisture everything has been growing fast. They have assured us that they will get current and with the recent trimming, our subdivision looks pretty good. The straw beds need to be weeded and some of the mowings seems uneven. But all in all, they have corrected most of their mistakes. We will continue to let you know when there are spaying and trimming going on. Anyways as much as they let us know… If you have an issue, send an email to  for us to forward to the supervisor of the crew at 4 Seasons. We don’t take phone calls on landscaping issues. Please do not call Kathy Andregg for landscaping issues in 2020.

Resident Financial Issues

For those residents having difficulties maintaining their monthly assessment fees, the Board highly recommends

you contact our CMA representative, Melody Daniel @404-835-9201 to pursue a financial arrangement.  The Board will review all arrangements presented by CMA for approval.  We hope this will lessen the amount of financial distress on those residents in need.

Financial Report

Our financial situation is fluid and we are currently spending less than we have in the past. The reserve account has been maintained at high enough level that we are in a position to handle most any issue. That is our goal.

May Financial Report –

Cash Operating: $111,919.99

Cash Reserves: $59,243.06

Cash Res Money Market: $340,351.51

Total: $511,513.56

May Operating Cost: $19,862.86

May Income: $26,549.93

Why not June? We don’t get the previous month’s financials until mid-month.

Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean

Many of our residents like to walk in the nice weather.  We are looking for volunteers that would be willing to pick up debris and trash when you see it.  The HOA will provide trash Grippers for anyone who is willing to volunteer.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Us.

SPLASH is hiring!

Our board received this notice from SPLASH if anyone is interested:

If you know of anyone that is looking for a summer job and likes being outside around a pool, Splash may be the perfect fit for them!

Some quick facts about working for Splash as a Lifeguard or Pool Monitor:

  • No previous work experience is required
  • Employees must be at least 15 years old
  • We teach two American Red Cross Lifeguard certification classes per year for anyone that wants to become a Lifeguard
  • All employees’ starting pay rate is above the minimum wage
  • Lifeguards have a higher level of responsibility and training, therefore have a higher starting pay rate than Pool Monitors
  • Employees work on average 20 hours per week, but we are flexible. We have some employees that work closer to 40 hours and others that work less than 20.
  • More than 75% of our summer staff works for us for multiple swim seasons


Thanks for reading!

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons, Directors, Bob Weber, Finance, Chuck Whitaker, Amenities, Bill Drake, ACC Coordinator and Shirley Cox, Secretary

Attn Residents - Get your COVID-19 Amenities Waiver to use the amenities!