This is it, last letter from the Board for 2021. It has been a fairly decent year. Compared to 2020 this has been freer of restraints by the virus, although we did have a spike over the summer that was worrisome. 2022 looks to be another good year financially for us. We are spending more money for goods and services as you are doing in your households. The Board though sees enough income though to offset the rising costs this next year so the $87.50 monthly fees will remain the same. Woohoo! 

We have contracted with two new companies to cover our landscaping and pool needs in 2022. Our two long term vendors failed us more than usual and in some cases became contentious. Both of these new companies, Courtyard Pools and Atlanta Landscape Group come with higher price tags but offer better service and were both competitive in the bids we received from others.

Currently the subdivision is awash with leaves and a December pinestraw delivery is expected. The Board has placed as much pressure that we can on our current vendor Brightview without holding payment. We took this last step recently notifying the vendor if things didn’t change immediately we would be withholding monies to pay other vendors to do the work that they are contracted to do.

I cannot say this enough, go to our website and look around. You will find everything you need, especially information to handle most of your questions and how to submit various forms and report issues. The website address is on the top of this newsletter for your convenience! Additionally our email address is also at the top of the letterhead…

As the subdivision ages so do our homes and landscaping in the front yards. With that in mind our ACC group has been tasked to work with our CMA partner to identify residents who need to spruce up their homes and remain in compliance with our covenants. Hopefully most of you know where you need some work done or the changes needed to enhance your home. Remember you do need to fill out an ACC request form and get approval before beginning any work.

While this Board has, as a last resort, fined residents for ACC/Standard violations, we have come to understand that this form of persuasion to ensure compliance is very necessary. Because of this, the Board is creating a fine schedule that will be published early in 2022 that will define the consequences of non-compliance. This schedule is a reminder to longtime residents and information to new residents that they do live in a HOA community and have to adhere to the covenants.

Other non ACC/Standard violations are not treated the same. Some violations/behaviors can be corrected with a warning letter. Others are egregious enough to warrant an immediate fine. The Board acts on these violations in a manner that is best for the safety and protection of our residents, amenities and HOA.

You will find information through the letter that was discussed at our most recent executive and open meeting on Nov. 15.

Thanks for taking the time to read through the letter. Hopefully you will find it informational.

Happy Holidays to ALL!


Don Roach

President CCHOA

Annual Meeting

The Centennial Commons Annual Meeting will take place on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 6 PM @ the clubhouse and virtually. So you will have two options to attend. This will also allow us to go fully virtual if there is a health need to do so and we can’t meet at the clubhouse.


New Year’s Eve Casino Party

If our current health situation in Georgia stays the same, our plan is to go forward with this event. There may be many that attend and the clubhouse is only so large. Obviously you can wear a mask if you want but spacing will be impossible to maintain. So decide for yourselves if you want to attend this year. We plan to make this an annual event so there is always next year.

Casino Night

BYOB, refreshments and snacks – The HOA will provide some snacks and meats. Social Committee is not sure at this time what that will be.

7 PM entry to clubhouse

7:30 PM casino tables to begin

10:30 – 11 PM wrap up casino tables.

11 – 11:45 drawing for door prizes

Guests of residents not included in prize winnings.

Residents are allowed 2 guests.

Maximum number allowed in clubhouse is 40. Once count hits 40 the event is closed to any other attendees. Those that RSVP will be will be included in count. Prefer residents to RSVP with count on attending. But not mandatory.

Santa is Arriving Dec. 11 @ Clubhouse

Santa will be available for pictures and to take your children, grandchildren’s wishes between 1 and 3 PM, Saturday Dec. 11. The social committee will provide snacks and crafts for the children. Come on down and see the big guy…

Holiday Light Contest

The social committee will be driving the subdivision picking out the best dressed house again this year. There will be 4 winners selected and given Home Depot gift certificates for their hard work!

Cookie Exchange Dec. 16 7-9 PM

The social committee will be holding a cookie exchange event. Bring 2 dozen cookies to exchange for other cookies brought. Bring your recipe for others. Please bring a beverage of your choice. Also bring a white Elephant gift if you’d like to participate in that. More details are on Facebook.

Ladies Card Game

Tuesday Dec. 14 @ noon at the clubhouse. Bring five $1dollar bills and a dish to share.

Kids Safety

Every year we discuss the need to slow down while driving through the subdivision for safety reasons. Again this is a reminder to slow down and watch for children playing in or near the streets. I’m sure none of us want to have an accident with our neighbors who may not be looking out for you and your vehicle. This is not about who is right, it’s about avoiding a tragedy.

Street and Stop signs

Well Cobb County told us they were going to install the new street signs the week after Thanksgiving, and so far nothing has happened. Surprised? No I’m not, but beware they could be in here anytime and working and that’s what they are doing. If you don’t remember why, this is a new federal law that has required signs to be bigger and more reflective. Our current sign have to be replaced because of this.

Financial Update

As of October 31, 2021 our total assets stand at $533,624. We still have a $20,000 cost for pinestraw that is outstanding when it is delivered. Delinquent accounts are $14,480. Approximately $4,240 has been collected in past due accounts. Delinquent accounts have stayed steady over the year.  Our income is running behind our expenses by over $10,000. Expenses are running higher due to high expense items that were required this year. Additionally we have expensed those items that we use to capitalize. We still expect to end the year close to even and maybe have a positive amount on the ledger.

Signs everywhere a sign

Our covenants state residents cannot place vendor advertising signs in their front yards. We have allowed them for 24 hours after the work was finished. After that they need to be removed.

Landscaping News

Leaves, leaves, leaves.  The landscape company is working frantically to remove the leaves and as of 12/3 they have only two streets to complete before they return to the front and start again.  Pine straw will be applied yet this month and then we’ll be done for the year.  And what a year it has been!  Brightview Landscape Company bought out our very good 4 Seasons Landscape Company early this year and it has been a battle ever since.   Every landscape company had problems getting employees but Brightview had those problems and then some.  With Covid stopping many employees from Mexico from entering the US, often early in the growing season they didn’t have enough employees to send here and weeks would go by before the neighborhood was mowed.  Throughout the season we have seen shoddy work and it was problem getting a proper response.  Only with a call to corporate headquarters were we able to get them to get the leaves up before the pine straw was applied.

Having vented enough I’m glad to report that this is our last year with Brightview.  We will begin the New Year with Atlanta Landscape Group.  They have made many promises and if they deliver on those promises the neighborhood will look as good as it should.  Let’s all pray they deliver so our beleaguered HOA Landscape Coordinator and his committee member have some rest in 2022.

Newspapers in the Driveways

Last notice: Here is another item we’ve discussed many times and continues in some locations over and over. This too will be met with violation letters and fines if necessary to bring the home into compliance. Pick up your unwanted newspapers or stop the subscription. All of these free newspapers have a number to call when you no longer want them.

New Director

Stephanie Davis will be replacing Bill Drake as the ACC Director. Stephanie has been a volunteer for the HOA for years. She is very talented and has a background in coordinating business adventures. She will be an asset to the HOA and the ACC committee. Thank you Stephanie for volunteering your talent and time to us!        


Mailbox Numbers

The Board will provide numbers as we have them. The Board will not replace mailbox numbers for you. You will need to do the work yourself or have it done. If you want to replace your own numbers here is a vendor that can provide you with the 2″ Williamsburg Brass Mailbox numbers:

Addresses of, 800-436-1647, 770-436-6198, $3.95 each plus shipping.


Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons, Directors, Bob Weber, Finance & Landscaping, Chuck Whitaker, Amenities, Stephanie Davis, ACC Coordinator  and Shirley Cox, Secretary/Legal.

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