As I write this letter, almost 2 months from the last one, I’m shocked how much has changed in a short period of time. We have a deadly complicated virus running among us and our governments are restricting everything we do. This is certainly a time for prayer and reflection on our lives and how we can make things better at a very difficult time in our day to day existence. I see numerous Facebook posts that are offering help to anyone that needs it. Many are walking around and being friendly to those that they don’t know. Also, residents have asked that we do something to lift up our spirits. That has spawned the Celebration Sunday which will run through the month of April. We are blessed to have a wonderful community. 

The Board held a social distancing meeting on April 7, 2020, at the poolside. We needed this meeting as many things had accumulated since our Feb. meeting, let alone the virus issues. We will note the issues discussed in this newsletter.

I hope by the next newsletter we will be discussing our same old stuff! Watch for email blasts and Facebook posts from the Board for any crucial information. I ask for your patience with the Board as this is all new for us as it is to everyone else. I can assure you we don’t want to close anything down, as we realize that our amenities could be the only way for some to get relief from the monotony of sheltering in place, but the Board does have to listen to our government and partners who recommend or mandate certain requirements to keep everyone safe. So when you see, read or hear of things being closed know we do this for the safety of our residents and to comply with edicts from experts.

I so hope you and your families are doing well and continue to keep everyone safe.

Thanks for reading,      

Don Roach, President

COVID-19 News

All amenities are closed at the current time including the playground. Exclusions are the basketball and tennis courts.

Basketball & Tennis Courts

Immediate family residents (those that live together under one roof) can use the courts by calling Chuck Whitaker 404-934-5023. Only one family per court at a time. Please give Chuck an hour’s notice before requesting to use the court. Chuck will meet you and unlock the door to the court you want to use. When finished make sure you close the door and ensure it latches.


Because of the inability to clean after use at the playground, we need to close this amenity. A sign will be posted at the sidewalk leading to the playground. We cannot lock the playground down so we need the residents to honor the request not to use. Thanks.

HOA Activities

All future HOA activities have been postponed until further notice. The Board will continue to meet in person when needed but these will be done with current restrictions in mind. Hopefully all this will be over sooner versus later.


Other Updates

Assessment Fees

The board understands that the longevity of the Corona Virus may be financially affecting some of our residents.  Over the past week, the Board met to discuss this issue and directed our secretary to communicate with both CMA and our Attorney for direction as to what options we had to help our residents. We were informed that legally, we cannot waive any monthly assessment fees for any reason.   Therefore, for those residents having difficulties maintaining their monthly assessment fees, the Board highly recommends you contact our CMA representative, Melody Daniel @404-835-9201 to pursue a financial arrangement. The Board will review all arrangements presented by CMA for approval. We hope this will lessen the amount of financial distress on those residents in need.

Financial Report

The Board has decided with these uncertain times we will be postponing any costly projects for the near future. We will address them at a later time. Even though we have a very decent reserve we don’t want to be dipping into it unless absolutely necessary. Our budget is based on 294 out of 300 homes paying dues for 12 months. If that goal is not hit for very long, we may have to go to the reserve budget to cover monthly expenses. So we need to be prepared for different scenarios if this continues for much longer than anticipated.

Pool Opening

Cobb County has an executive order in place barring the opening of community pools.

We received this notice from SPLASH:

COVID-19 Guidance for Swimming Pools

“While Governor Kemp’s current Executive Order is in place, CDPH will follow the state Environmental Health office’s recommendation that swimming pools not be allowed to open until the order is lifted.  There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through properly disinfected swimming pool water; however, the virus can be spread in this environment through person-to-person contact and contact with contaminated surfaces.  The Center for Environmental Health will continue to schedule and perform conditional opening inspections which will allow compliant pools to open once the Executive Order is lifted. If state guidance changes during the duration of the Executive Order, those conditions will then apply to pre-approved pools.”

SPLASH and the HOA are preparing our pool area and pool as in the past so it is ready to open when the order is lifted.

Celebration of Life Contest

The subdivision was encouraged to light up the mood around our neighborhood with lights and decorations for the month of April. The social committee will award the best 3 decorated homes. Unfortunately, storms suspended the judging by a week. The judges will be out on Saturday, April 18, to determine the winners. Please leave your lights on until 9:30 that night. Thanks and good luck.

Landscaping News

Front Entrance

The front color (flowers) has been selected by the landscaping committee and will be planted soon after the irrigation system is activated and working properly. In addition, a couple (3) trees will be planted in the open space up on Centennial Hill Drive. These projects were already in progress and had to move forward.

Mowing has begun and the lawns will be scalped to allow more sun into the lawn. Please keep decorations out of the lawn area. With the heat returning the weed spray will have more of an effect on these pesky plants.

Please do not call Kathy Andregg for landscaping issues in 2020. All landscaping issues will be submitted to our email we will then forward to the 4 Seasons managers for attention and remediate action. Once the issue is resolved we or 4 Seasons will notify the resident of the correction or action taken. Remember, if you deal directly with 4 Seasons we cannot follow up as we have no knowledge of your issue.

Upcoming Turf Treatment

Tru-Green is scheduled to do another turf treatment on or about April 18, Saturday. This will be a liquid pre and post-emergent weed killer.

For those of you that have already signed up for backyard turf treatment applications through 4 Seasons, all you need to do is ensure that your side gate access to your backyard is left open on April 18 so Tru-Green can get back in there. If you haven’t already gotten on that backyard turf treatment list and would like to get your backyard treated at the same time as the front and side yard, you must call 4 Seasons and ask to get on the list. It’s too late to sign up for the April 18 treatment but you can get on the list for future treatments that cost $16/treatment.  There are typically 6 of them throughout the year. The contact person is Linda Lane at 770-452-4455. The homeowner is billed directly from 4 Seasons for this backyard treatment.

Help Keep Our Neighborhood Clean

Many of our residents like to walk in the nice weather.  We are looking for volunteers that would be willing to pick up debris and trash when you see it.  The HOA will provide trash Grippers for anyone who is willing to volunteer.

SPLASH is hiring!

Our board received this notice from SPLASH if anyone is interested:

If you know of anyone that is looking for a summer job and likes being outside around a pool, Splash may be the perfect fit for them!

Some quick facts about working for Splash as a Lifeguard or Pool Monitor:

  • No previous work experience is required
  • Employees must be at least 15 years old
  • We teach two American Red Cross Lifeguard certification classes per year for anyone that wants to become a Lifeguard
  • All employees’ starting pay rate is above the minimum wage
  • Lifeguards have a higher level of responsibility and training, therefore have a higher starting pay rate than Pool Monitors
  • Employees work on average 20 hours per week, but we are flexible. We have some employees that work closer to 40 hours and others that work less than 20.
  • More than 75% of our summer staff works for us for multiple swim seasons


Thanks for reading!

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons, Directors, Chuck Whitaker, Amenities, Bill Drake, ACC Coordinator and Shirley Cox, Secretary.

Attn Residents - Get your COVID-19 Amenities Waiver to use the amenities!