Turf Treatment and Pine Straw

We have two landscape items to alert you to today.

  1. Our new pine straw distribution on our front and side beds will start Wednesday and/or Thursday, June 3 and 4.
  2. Also, Tru-Green will be applying our next turf treatment starting on Thursday, June 4, weather permitting.  This treatment is at no extra cost to our homeowners for the front and side yards as it is included as part of your monthly dues. This will be a granular application so please keep in mind to watch the weather and if Mother Nature doesn’t provide any rain within a day or 2, then you’ll want to water your yard so the granular fertilizer doesn’t “burn” your grass.
For those of you that have already signed up for backyard application of the turf treatments through 4 Seasons, all you need to do is ensure that your side gate access to your backyard is left open on June 4 so Tru-Green can get back in there..
If you haven’t already gotten on that backyard turf treatment list and would like to get your backyard treated at the same time as the front and side yard you must called 4 Seasons and ask to get on the list. It’s too late to sign up for the June 4 treatment but you can get on the list for future treatments that cost $16/treatment.  There are typically 6 of them throughout the year. The contact person is Linda Lane at 770-452-4455. The homeowner is billed directly from 4 Seasons for this backyard treatment.

Thank you,
Centennial Commons HOA Board

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