Recently our homeowners should have received an annual meeting reminder in the mail. Inside there
should have been an agenda for the meeting on January 22, 2018, a proxy and a 2018 estimated budget. If
you haven’t received this you need to contact CMA immediately to get your copy.

I cannot believe 2017 is coming to a close. This has been a good year for the subdivision. While we have
faced some expensive repairs (it always can be worse) we made some major improvements to the
property at minimal costs.

Our volunteer base has expanded and made the heavy workload of a few to a light workload of many. As
we continue to work through many experiences we are able to get help from many of our gifted residents
to solve or fix these problems. Or in some cases begin new social interactions that allow the community
to share with each other in various ways, i.e. book exchange, water aerobics and pickle ball to name a few.
As always, I hope you can make the open association meeting on the 3 rd Monday of each month @ 7 PM
where the Board explains all the issues facing the community. If you can’t make the meeting it is
important for you to read through this newsletter as it contains many of the areas that are covered at the
meeting. Thanks for reading.

Don Roach, President

Board Election January 2018
Please vote!!!! We will need over 75 residents to vote before or on January 22, 2018 with the proxy sent to
you. Once filled out you can drop it of at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive at the HOA mailbox by the garage, or send
it to CMA or you can drop it off at the clubhouse between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM on Monday, Jan 22. If
you are not attending, you will need to leave the top line blank so the Board can vote your selections or you can
appoint someone that will be attending as your proxy holder. If you write someone’s name in there they have to
be a resident in good standing i.e. current with their fees and attending the meeting and will be there at 7 PM.
You are able to vote for the current Board or you can write in a candidate on your proxy. If we have the
appropriate number of votes we will have CMA and a volunteer or two will count the votes from the proxies
and the 5 persons who garner the most votes will be the 2018 Board. Thanks for taking the time to vote…

Late payments
I’ve said this before but I will address it again. If you are late with your payments your access to the benefits of
the subdivision will be suspended until you become current. This includes access to the amenities including
clubhouse rentals. If you continue to fall behind you will be turned over to collections by CMA. We allowed
CMA to use this tool to reduce our legal costs. It is not fair to the rest of the residents to pay to make others pay
on time.

If you have come under tough financial conditions you can call CMA and work out a payment plan until what
time things are better financially for you. This will keep you from being sent to the collection agency.
Remember this help is not a way for you to avoid paying it is assistance during times when you are struggling to
meet your commitments. CMA will require you to define your relief time and payment structure.

Vandalism and unauthorized entry
If you or your family or someone you have authorized to use your key access card damage our amenities or use
force or avoid the security system to enter the amenities you will be fined and face a possible suspension of
access to the HOA amenities. In addition to those penalties, the HOA will assess any costs to repair your acts of
vandalism or destruction, including legal costs incurred and we may reach out to the local authorities for
possible criminal ramifications. We have enough issues with outsiders vandalizing our property without
homeowners who believe they can do whatever they want without regard to our property and assets.

Cars and discarded furniture on Woodstock
We have had complaints about the truck parking, cars for sale and furniture being discarded across from our
entrance on Woodstock Rd. I have contacted the Cherokee County Marshall office before but it continues to
happen. One of our residents also contacted them recently and I’ll take the liberty to post what she wrote from
Facebook as I know not everyone is on that social communication. I will not state her name as I’m not sure she
would want me too.

Here is what was posted:
For those in the neighborhood that have been trying to get rid of the used cars and the dump across from our
subdivision I have good news. Today I found out this property is in Cherokee Co and also found out it used to
belong to Centennial Lakes but was bought back by Cherokee Co roads and bridges. I had a very nice Cherokee
Co deputy call me twice today to keep me informed as to what is going to happen. The cars and dump are
illegal. They will try to find the owners of the cars and give them 15 days to get them moved. He is also
contacting the Cherokee Co Dept. of bridges and roads to get all the items that have been dumped hauled away.
I know many of my neighbors were calling Cobb Co numerous times to no avail. I called Cobb Co Dept. of
Transportation today and that is when I found that the area was probably in Cherokee although he was going to
send someone out to look at it. In the meantime I called Cherokee Co who got me in touch with the Marshall’s
office and Eureka! What a difference there was in talking with Cobb and Cherokee. Cherokee Co had it solved
within a matter of 2 hrs.

Thank you to the resident that took the time to get this on its way to being fixed!

Landscaping News
Our final dressing of pine straw for the year will be distributed starting the week of December 6th. The
contractor will focus on distributing pine straw to the residences first and then finish up dressing the common
areas after that.

Our final turf treatment of the year for our front/side yards is happening on December 11 and is a liquid pre-
emergent to suppress weed germination. If you are one of the households that has signed up to also have your
backyards treated at the same time as the front/side yards, please ensure that you have your side gate unlocked
so Tru- Green can access your backyard. As always, the front and side yard turf treatments are no extra cost to
our residents but backyard treatments are $16/treatment. If you would like to sign up for your backyard to be
treated in the future you may call the Office Administrator, Linda Lane at 4 Seasons 770-452- 4455. The next
turf treatment in 2018 will likely be in February.

4 Seasons will be cutting back roses in January/February and will be trimming any bushes that have long
leaders but we will not be having a "hard pruning" done to any bushes this winter.

Santa for the kids
The social group will be holding a Children’s Christmas party on December 10 from 2-3 pm. Crafts/snacks and
a visit from Santa will occur at the clubhouse. Please bring a wrapped gift with your children’s name on it.
Preferably bring the gift before arriving with your child's name on it to the clubhouse. We will be at the
clubhouse an hour before Santa arrives if you’d like to bring the gift then or you can drop off the gift at 5258
Centennial Hill Drive prior to Saturday, December 10.
Remember the hours are from 2-3.

AT&T Construction
As you are aware the cable/phone companyAT&T was laying fiber throughout our community. We have had
questions on who to contact if there are issues with the work being done. The number is 855-520- 1757

Easement Update
Work on the new subdivision was planned to begin November 1. I’m surprised it hasn’t started. I will reach out
to the developer to see what the current timeline is. The easement work may include some partial lane closures
at the entrance to our community.

Home Sales
Home sales are extremely strong. Our subdivision homes are selling for asking price or close to and they are on
the market for less than 30 days. As we hear from many of our new homeowners they move here based on the
look of our subdivision. Our landscaping manager has a lot to do with that. Thank you Kathy!

Pickle Ball
The pickle ball group is playing on Saturdays at 9 AM. You can find out more about this group on our website.
You can email Bob Dougherty @ for more information. New players are welcome.

Bunco 6:30 PM
Bunco is a simple dice game that is played once a month on a Saturday at the clubhouse. Based on your luck on
rolling the dice determines if you’re a winner. You rotate from table to table changing partners and we take
breaks between the 4 games to socialize. We bring a dish to share with those playing and socialize between 6:30
and 7 PM. At 7 PM we start rolling dice. If you’re interested in some fun and a chance to get to know some
neighbors, bring $5 a person, your favorite dish and your own drinks to join in the fun. Watch the bulletin board
at the entrance for the dates. We usually finish around 9:30 PM.

Free Library
In the walkway to the fitness room a bookcase is full of books. You may take a book to read or you may leave a
book for others to read. Feel free to use this trade off. Tracy Gibson is the owner of this process you can contact
her at

Thanks for reading,
Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

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