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Letter From the President (Dec. 2021)

This is it, last letter from the Board for 2021. It has been a fairly decent year. Compared to 2020 this has been freer of restraints by the virus, although we did have a spike over the summer that was worrisome. 2022 looks to be another good year financially for us....

Letter From the President (March 2021)

It’s spring! Yay!! Vaccines are rolling out and things are starting to get back to normal. Let’s hope this trend continues and last year becomes a bad memory. Let me give you some information on the future for Centennial Commons. First I’d like to thank all that voted...

Letter From the President (May 2022)

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping your 2022 has been a good year so far for you and your family! This newsletter writer has been busy with life and unfortunately death, so it’s easy for time to get away from you. So let’s try to catch you all up on the goings on within...

Letter From the President (October 2020)

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE IN THE KNOW! Email: centennialcommoner@yahoo.comIt’s that time of the year for preparations for the Annual January Meeting. Nominations to the Board need to be sent to either CMA or the Board for inclusion on the ballot that will be sent in...

Letter From the President (July 2020)

FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO BE IN THE KNOW! Email: centennialcommoner@yahoo.comIt’s time we provide the community some updates on the virus and how it has affected your HOA.   Still, all social functions and meetings have been suspended until what time we can safely do...

COVID-19 Clubhouse Rental Addendum

COVID-19 Fitness Center Rules

Amenities Waiver

The pool is opening on Friday, May 29th!

The CCHOA Board has worked with our attorney, Splash, and CMA along with advice from our insurance company to integrate best practices from the State of Georgia and CDC guidelines at the pool. These guidelines are in everyone’s best interest for the safety of the community and to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. You and your family use these amenities at your own risk and your compliance with these guidelines will determine the safety of your family and other residents and guests.

It will be the resident’s responsibility to adhere to the guidelines in order to be able to use the amenities. If you have any questions send an email to centennialcommoner@yahoo.com

More information about new regulations can be found here.

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Instructions to Submit Your Amenities Waiver

In order to protect the safety of everyone and the HOA, every user of the amenities must sign and submit a waiver for their family and guests (guests must have their own signed waiver) prior to using the amenities.

Please print the waiver and drop off at the HOA mailbox located at 5247 Centennial Hill Drive – the box is located by the garage.

The HOA prefers this waiver at least 2 days prior to your using the amenities in order to activate your key. You cannot bring a waiver to the pool and expect to be admitted.

Attn Residents - Get your COVID-19 Amenities Waiver to use the amenities!