COVID-19 Update on Amenities – April 27, 2020

The Georgia Governor has reduced restrictions in the state as of April 25 & 27. The Board wants to update all of you on what that means for our subdivision.

Fitness Room – The ability to use fitness facilities is directed towards large fitness facilities. There are 16 requirements that have to be met in order to open and stay open. Our partners, CMA, and their legal representatives have advised us to not open as we could not meet these requirements. If we are unable to meet all of those requirements allow the use of the facility our insurance carrier would not cover our liability. Therefore the fitness room will remain closed.

If the restrictions become manageable in the future and we can maintain our insurance coverage we will open ASAP. Currently, we have two broken treadmills and are working on getting those repaired before opening. Also, we plan to deep clean the facility, including the restrooms before opening those areas.

Pool – We have received better news regarding the pool use. Most health officials agree that the spread of the disease in the pool is greatly diminished. But we still have the social distancing issue to address when the pool is allowed to open. Currently, the dates being discussed are mid-May or Memorial Day weekend. The Board is much more optimistic about the pool opening versus the fitness room.

As we await the word to open we are authorizing Splash to fix and repair the pool as needed and to perform the maintenance required for the pool to be ready for Cobb county inspection. We anticipate this will be completed by the first week of May.

When we do open there is a high probability of additional restrictions that will be placed on those that want to use the facility. These restrictions will not be negotiable. Our ability to stay open will require all participants to abide by the rules. When we know anything further, we will provide the homeowners with that information.

Clubhouse – Clubhouse rentals are closed until further notice. Any rentals that are currently on the calendar will be assessed as they get closer to the date of the rental. Any checks that have been submitted will be destroyed unless the resident provides other instructions. If any resident wants to cancel, notify us by emailing

Playground – We have not been advised when this will be open for use.

Tennis & Basketball Courts – We will continue to allow the use of these facilities for family members only that live in Centennial Commons as long as they call ahead (at least one hour) to Chuck Whitaker 404-934-5023. Chuck will unlock the gate for your play. Remember, only one family at a time at each facility.

Thank you,


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