Last Pool Party of the Season!

WHEN:  Saturday, August 26th
TIME:     4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Come join in the fun for the last pool party of the year.  The HOA will supply hamburgers and hot dogs and the gourmet chefs!  Bring a side to share and your beverage of choice.  REMEMBER……No Glass bottles!
There will be games for the kids with prizes, our DJ Mikey will again be playing our favorites and it should be another great pool party.



Summer is here for sure! Hot and humid with storms in the afternoon makes the pool that more refreshing. I will write about a few reminders below to help us stay within the pool rules.

I heard (as I was not here) the pool party was a big success and the place was packed. That’s great and I hope those that attended were able to meet new homeowners they haven’t met before. This is what the party is all about, getting to know your neighbors. Next party is on August 26.  Hope to see you then….

We have a new website and a big thank you goes to one of our residents, Tracy Gibson, of  Ink-Jam Digital  who donated her valuable time to design this site on our behalf.  You can find all our community amenities, activities, forms and documents at

We have new pine straw distributed throughout the subdivision and it looks great.  Additionally, the bushes have been trimmed so the community looks fantastic (thank you Kathy Andregg). Homes are selling quickly and at good prices. 2017 has been a pretty good year for Centennial Commons!

Please watch your email and mailbox as there will be some very important information coming out about our future.

The board receives many suggestions as to activities and projects residents would like to see within our community.   As much as we would like to be able to act on all requests, it is impossible for us to do so.

We encourage all those who have ideas or projects, to pursue the leg work as far as the cost and also the care and maintenance, then present it to the board.   We encourage you to take the lead on your ideas!

Here’s to wishing you a safe and happy summer.

Don Roach




For those of you that don’t or can’t attend the Board open meetings (that are normally held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7 PM) you can find the current financial balance sheet posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse breezeway. Currently we are $9000.00 under our budgeted amount for the year which is very good news but has to be tempered with the fact we have to pay for the pine straw that was just distributed so we will be very close to our budget for the year. Our maintenance costs are high this year as we have had various upgrades and repairs done to the amenities. We expect more work that needs to be completed once the pool closes which will undoubtedly push us over our budget for the year. With that said, we have reserves to cover these types of additional costs due to a simple $5 increase a previous Board instituted years ago. Along with a $150 capital budget charge that is levied at closings for homes that are sold in the community.


Fitness Room15 years old and older persons are allowed to use the fitness room. When you use the fitness room clean down the equipment you have used and return it to its proper place. A very large sign at the door states the age required. You can find the entire list of rules for the fitness room on the bulletin board in the clubhouse breezeway.

Pool – No glass is allowed in the pool area. If you have found you have a glass container either keep it in your cooler or throw it away. We have plastic cups in the storage room that a lifeguard or pool monitor can get for you. If we have broken glass get into the pool it would have to be cleaned which may include draining the pool. If this occurred the Board would have to decide if the cost merited opening the pool again this season.

Guests You must be present when bringing guests to the amenities. Allowing others to use your card is prohibited. Many that come as guests are not familiar with our rules and it is your responsibility to educate them.

Children under 14 – Must be accompanied with an adult at all times while in the pool area.

Children 14 and over – Can only bring 2 guests with them to the pool at any given time.

A full list of the pool rules are posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse breezeway.

Gas Grills – The gas grills are for your convenience. You need to be knowledgeable on their use for your safety. We do not leave the gas on for many reasons when these grills are not in use. The gas line is next to the clubhouse and the handle needs to be turned on (in line with the gas line) to provide gas to both grills. Lighters are stored in the storeroom and the lifeguards or pool monitors have access to them for your use. There is a small hole on the side of the grills where you can put the flame of the lighter into the grill to light the gas that you have turned on with the knob at the front of the grill. You should stand at the side of the grill not in front of it when lighting.

When you are done using the grills it is recommended you burn off the remnants of the products you were cooking for 10 minutes on high. There is a wire brush at the grills for your use to wipe clean the grills after the burn off. Once this is done please turn off the gas at the grills with the knobs provided and by turning the handle perpendicular to the gas line at the clubhouse.

Thanks for your cooperation with following and ensuring others adhere to the rules.

Water Aerobics

Some ladies are meeting at 9 AM Monday thru Saturday at the pool to perform water aerobics. Anyone interested should just show up for some exercise and fun. Cathy Mattocks is the leader and you can email her at .  You will need to bring water noodles and if you have them water barbells.

Pickle Ball

The pickle ball group is playing on Saturdays at 9 AM. You can find out more about this group on our website. Practice has been erratic lately due to the heat so we can’t say definitively the days and times of practice. But you can email Bob Dougherty @  and he can give you some answers.

The group is always looking for new players…


It appears that the adjacent subdivision has been put on hold by the current owner.  The Board considers this a non-event until what time we are approached again on continuing this project.

Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President

And the Board of Centennial Commons

Pool Opening

Are you ready? Our community pool will be opening on May 6th! As the season begins, CHOA wants you to enjoy a memorable and pleasurable summer season, so here is a quick reminder of our pool rules.

  1.  No solo swimming allowed.
  2. Persons with open cuts, lesions, blisters, or wounds are not allowed in the pool.
  3. Persons with any type of skin, eye, ear, or respiratory infection are not allowed in the pool.
  4. No spitting, nose blowing, or bodily fluids in the pool.
  5. Bottles, glass breakable containers, and other hazardous objects are prohibited within the pool, pool area, or bathroom facilities.
  6. All children 14 and under must have adult supervision.
  7. No diving of any kind is permitted.
  8.  No running, pushing, or rough play allowed.
  9. Public drunkenness will not be tolerated, and the authorities will be called.
  10. Consumption of food, drink or tobacco products IN the swimming pool will not be tolerated.
  11. All animals with the exception of guide animals for the handicapped are prohibited from entering the pool area.
  12. The pool will close during any unsafe health, severe or dangerous weather conditions.
  13. You should take a shower before entering the pool area.
  14. The pool is open from 9am-9pm EST.
  15. The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 270.
  16. A first aid kit is on location – as a lifeguard on duty for details, or if there is an emergency.
  17. Am emergency phone is located on the wall directly on the left as you walk into the pool area.
  18. All pool users must review the complete pool rule list posted on the wall in the breezeway.