New Pool & Clubhouse Rental Policy

Good afternoon,

At our past Monday’s board meeting, we had a lengthy discussion regarding clubhouse and pool rentals during the summer. The rental over this past weekend, prompted several complaints from residents regarding the parking of cars. Cars were parked on the street as well as down Centennial Commons View. Residents had a difficult time getting in and out of their the driveway, driving through the congested street as well as being able to park in the lot to use the pool.

Our first priority is to all residents, their safety and ability to use and enjoy their own amenities. With the increased number of residents now wanting to rent the pool in conjunction with the clubhouse, the board decided to limit the time this can be done on week-ends throughout the summer months , so as to not interfere with the majority of the homeowners. If this continues to be an issue, the pool will no longer be rented and the clubhouse rentals will be affected also.

Through summer months, Saturday rentals will not be allowed as this is the busiest day of the weekend and holiday weekends. The holiday itself will be eliminated from rental also. We’ve already seen an increase in the pool usage mainly due to more families moving into our community this past year. We’ve also seen an increase in non residents being invited to the pool over and beyond what is allowed. We are also witnessing more abuse of entry by residents opening the doors for those that do not have entry keys.

Because of these violations and increased usage of the pool we have initiated an attendance sheet that the pool monitors will be completing during their working hours. They will ask you for your street address number, family members at the pool, # of guests you have with you, age of the children that are with you and to look at your entrance key to get the 5 digit number from it.

For those who took the time to attend our monthly homeowners meeting, some of this was discussed.

Therefore, the rental hours are as such and future applications will be reviewed by the Board before approval based on the number of attendees.

Friday – Open for Rentals
Saturday: Closed to Rentals
Sunday: Open for Rentals from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Holidays: Closed for Rentals

Our amenities are paid for by all homeowners and are there for their enjoyment.
We welcome any comments regarding this topic and please take the opportunity to attend a general meeting. We hold them once a month and the date is posted on the board at the entrance.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2018 – President’s Letter



Ahh, the last letter of 2018, is that a good thing? The year has sped by quickly. Many of us are trying to get ready for the holidays. Hectic times this time of year. Luckily the HOA is in great shape and needs only fine-tuning before the New Year.

You should be receiving or received a mailing from CMA with the 2019 ballot, budget and CMA payment coupons enclosed. Review the budget and the ballot and please vote one of the ways listed in the mailing. We need 20% of the homes to vote to establish a quorum to proceed with our Board and 2019 Budget. We will have again, all-day voting at the clubhouse on Jan. 21, 2019 from 7 AM to 7 PM. You can drop off your ballot that day if you like, a Board member will be there to assist you in your voting or take your ballot. You will need to sign the sign-in sheet when you vote at the clubhouse.

There are very minute differences between the 2018 & 2019 budgets. The Board feels that our 2018 planning was close to the actual expenditures. We were under budget and that was good. So some minor tweaking with a little more here and a little less there and wallah we have our 2019 budget. The nicest thing about our budget is there will be no increase in the monthly fees!

I will let you get back to your busy schedules with a thought on what is becoming our most complained about issue, parking in the streets. If you need to park in the street make it a short stay and have your neighbors and emergency vehicles in mind in your placement of the vehicle. Expect to receive violation letters and fines if you can’t abide by those two items. Remember large vehicles and trailers are not permitted in the subdivision and any parking of them has to approved by the Board prior to and removed promptly after the allotted time allowed.
The Board wishes everyone a Safe and Joyous Holiday season and we look forward to 2019 with all of you.

Thanks for reading,
Don Roach, President

Open Board Meetings

The December Open meeting was held on Dec. 4. This meeting combined the November and December meetings together to better fit the Board members schedules. The regularly scheduled December 17 meeting is canceled. The next meeting will be Jan. 21, 2019 @ 7 PM. This will be our annual meeting where ballots will be counted by CMA and a resident volunteer(s) and announced if we have a quorum of votes. Once that is established the 5 Board members selected will go into executive session to select the Board Officers, (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Only emergency types of issues will be handled by the new Board if needed. The meeting will be adjourned and the new Board will select officer titles and those will be communicated to the residents.

Some Q&A will be discussed during the counting of the votes but the normal operation of an open meeting will not take place.

New Years Eve at the Clubhouse

New Years Eve Casino Night

What – Casino Games and Board Games and Celebration
When – Dec. 31
Time – 8 PM to Midnight
Cost – $5 per person to help cut the costs of raffle prizes and casino personnel.
Where – Centennial Commons Clubhouse
Bring – Your drink of choice and a snack to share with others. The HOA will provide a ham and buns.
Games – White Tie Casino will provide 2 Blackjack tables and a roulette table and dealers.
Other Games – not casino related will be played also i.e. rummy cube etc.
Each participant will be given the same amount of chips to gamble.

The games will end at 11 PM and prizes will be raffled off and award(s) for best gambler(s) luckiest person(s).

We will watch the ball drop on the big screen at midnight and smooch our favorite person and hug our neighbors (optional).

Clean up and conclusion of all activities shortly after midnight.

Come have fun and meet some neighbors

– CCHOA Social Committee

Landscaping News

4 Seasons will likely be blowing leaves into the third week in December ahead of the 2nd pine straw distribution scheduled to start the week of December 17. The yard crew will be here only a couple of days per week for the next 3 months.

The contractor for pine straw will be hauling the bales in multiple loads in stake-side trucks and off-loading them in piles along the roads. They may spill onto the edge of the roads or the sidewalks but they will get it cleaned up as they spread them out. They will tuck the straw into your beds after the applications. We ask that you be patient as they work thru this.

Our 1st turf application of 2019 will likely be a liquid pre-emergent for weeds and that won’t occur until February.

In other news we had a contractor remove four tall Arborvitae trees on either side of our 2 entrance signs and he removed a bush that was blocking our view of Woodstock Rd. on the uphill side as you leave the subdivision for better visibility and safety.


As I’m sure you’re aware of we’ve had problems with the roofing shingles that the original builder installed. Many residents have replaced theirs but there are many more homes that may need it to be done. The insurance companies and roofers are well aware of our issues so be careful with both. Review your insurance contract each year as some insurance companies are writing in a different coverage for roofs that may raise your deductible for a replacement. Others are insisting on partial replacements (that most likely would be unacceptable to the HOA) or temporary repairs until what time the roof runs out of life and or they will only pay a small portion of the cost. Also be very careful of whom you hire as some of these companies go out of business within one or two years and who would you go back against for poor workmanship if they no longer exist.

Other Previous Topics (previously published, but good information)

Holiday Decorations: Remember to put decorations in the pine straw. Decorations should be removed promptly after the holiday is over. Thank you.

2019 Year: We are looking for resident volunteers for committees for the 2019 Season. If you have a little extra time and would like to help, please email us at

In-home Businesses: There are restrictions in our Covenants for running a business out of your home. Refer to Article 8.1 Residential Use for a detailed explanation.

Clubhouse Rentals Issues: We find that when there are children present at clubhouse rentals or when using the amenities at the clubhouse they become bored and will entertain themselves either in the hallway or enter the fitness room when they are not of age. You the parent are responsible for their behavior. Please keep an eye on your children or your guests to make sure no one is injured or property is damaged. You the key holder will be held accountable.

Dog Feces: We have received many complaints regarding homeowners who walk their dogs and do not pick up after their dog. The residents have asked us to do something about this. As much as we agree that this is a very inconsiderate action, neither the board nor CMA has any recourse to this action without specific information. In order to notify CMA to issue a violation, we must have either the dog owners name and/or address. Also, if possible take a photo and include it, would be helpful. Just a photo by itself, without any other information, renders us helpless to pursue the homeowner. All names of those filing a complaint are kept completely confidential as we protect the privacy of our homeowners.

Facebook page: Our Facebook page is the best and fastest way to get immediate information regarding the subdivision, (i.e. looking for recommendations on home issues, posting events in the community, lost dogs, found dogs, and yes, even our recent bear sighting!). If you have not already done so, please go to “CCHOA in Acworth” on Facebook and ask to join the group.

***We need to remind homeowners that this page is not somewhere to post a personal grievance that you feel the board should handle. If you want the board to act on a complaint, make sure to send an email to Your email will be forwarded to the proper person to handle. (Make sure to take the time to read the conduct policy regarding all posts.)

Email: The other way to get information is to join our email list. You are getting this because we have your email information and can send you important information quickly. If your neighbor doesn’t know why they are not getting this, it’s because the Secretary, Shirley Cox, does not have their info. Tell them to drop her a line at And she will add you to our community email list.

Use of Amenities: A homeowner must be present with any visitors using the amenities. If you or your family brings or allows visitors to use the HOA amenities, at least one adult from your household must be present continuously while the guest(s) are using the amenities. We have had numerous occasions of visitors who are unaware of our rules and become offended when we tell them to follow the rules and procedures. Please help us with this issue.

New Game Day for the Ladies: Recently Elaine Drake set up a day once a month for the ladies to get together to chat and play games. The first one was June 28 and I heard it was fun and a success. Elaine normally posts the dates, times and particulars on Facebook. Currently, there are no new dates for 2018. Watch the calendar for the next date.

Bunco 6:30 PM: Our next Bunco is Jan 12th. Please bring $5 to play and a dish to share and whatever type of refreshment you’d like to drink while playing. Bunco is a simple dice game and can be easily learned during the playing of the game.

Tennis Court Usage: The tennis courts are made for playing tennis and pickle ball. Any other activities can result in damage to the courts, nets and fencing. Skateboarding and roller blades will result in damage to the surface.

Additionally, proper footwear is required to protect the surface and the user. The costs to maintain the courts are in the thousands and therefore we need to follow the procedures for playing at the courts. Please respect this amenity.


Thanks for reading,
Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

JULY & AUGUST 2018 – President’s Letter

The summer is almost half over already and our 90 degree days have set in now until mid-September. The pool will be open until late September depending on the weather. Our pool volunteers will spring into action in August as we lose our monitors during the week. We will still have lifeguards on the weekends up to and including Labor Day. Hopefully, everyone will police themselves and others to ensure the pool is kept clean. Bob Weber and his team have done a great job this summer with the pool. Thank them when you get a chance as that’s all they get paid…

As every 4th of July comes and goes we are reminded of the day, sometimes for days on end, with loud fireworks being exploded around and in our community. I’m all for some summer fun as long as it’s done safely and does not expose homeowners to continuing the abuse of noise and debris. I will ask the Board to tackle this issue at our next executive meeting. I think with the closeness of the homes in Centennial Commons it’s only a matter of time before something tragic happens.

Our current covenants state there are no fireworks allowed on the common property. If your complaint involves something other than common property, it will need to be directed to Cobb County.

The July Open meeting is canceled and the next meeting date will be August 20 at 7 PM.

I do hope all of you have had a terrific summer so far and enjoy the season for its remaining months. The Board and the volunteers will try to make that happen to the best of our abilities…

Please take the time to read this important information. Thanks!

Don Roach, President


Easement Update
We had a meeting with the developer at our last Executive meeting and he stated he expected to have the land ready for building homes in 3 months. We asked him if he could take down a stand of trees that still block our view to the northeast and he said he would! He also has removed some trees that are concerns of the residents along Centennial Commons View. He did say that some tree trimming was limited by Cherokee County Arborists. He’s not sure when he will be tapping into our sewer but he will give us a heads up when that occurs. He does not expect it to interfere with our entrance for much more than 4 hours or so…

Pool News
Pool Parties will be on the following dates July 14 and Aug. 18. Pool parties run 4-8 PM with the social committee providing the entertainment, meat, and fixings with plates, napkins etc. You bring a side dish for others to enjoy and make sure you pick up your dish before leaving. Takeouts are not permitted unless the committee is closing and cleaning up and offering the food to the remaining residents. Absolutely no food or drinks are allowed in the pool. Extra lifeguards are employed to handle the larger crowds on these dates. Hope to see you there!

The Front of Your Home
How your home looks affects buyers for your neighbor’s homes. This is why the Board and the ACC has restrictions on the view of our homes. How you maintain those looks depends on exceptions taken by CMA, ACC or the Board. Letters are sent when you are not complying with these reasonable restrictions.

If you are not in agreement you can appeal but the final decision is the Boards and fines will be imposed to get compliance. Please take the time to improve your curb appeal so we don’t have disagreements. Remember any improvements made or changes to your home have to be approved by the ACC first.

What Reasonably Can You Expect
Recently we have had homeowners reach out to the Board and ask us to get involved in various activities that other homeowners are doing that they don’t agree with. That probably is not going to happen. If it’s a dog issue you need to reach out to Cobb County Animal Control. If it’s an illegal activity you need to contact Cobb County Police. If it’s a rule violation you need to contact CMA.

If its destruction of amenities then you need to contact the police or a Board member dependent on the severity of the action. Board members cannot be expected to put themselves in harm’s way trying to fix whatever you’re upset with.

Lastly, if you’re upset with something, be an adult about the situation and calmly describe what is that is bothering you. The Board is not your whipping posts. I have told the members not to take verbal abuse written or orally. If it’s a landscaping issue remember it’s not Kathy that is mowing your yard it’s a vendor. Be mad at the vendor. If the pool is dirty how do you think it got that way? Could be overuse or an equipment malfunction and those are not reasons to blame a Board member, is it? Let’s be civil instead of controversial. Thanks.

Landscaping News
Our next turf treatment (which is free to all residents on their FRONT AND SIDE lawns) will be sometime late July and it likely will be a liquid applied fertilizer.

4 Seasons is still willing to continue offering backyard treatments for $16/treatment but you need to contact their office as soon as you can for consideration of being on the list for the July treatment. The number you need to call is 770-452-4455 and speak to Linda Lane. Those of you that have been getting backyard turf treatments do not need to do anything else.

The pine straw distribution that was scheduled for the 1st or 2nd week of June got significantly delayed due to an industry shortage of the preferred long needled variety of pine straw. The pine straw is now being spread as we write this newsletter and likely be completed by July 12 or 13. The second pine straw distribution (we have two a year) is in December.  The lawn maintenance crew will be doing spot herbicide treatment in the pine straw beds where it won’t endanger your shrubs or plantings throughout the rest of the summer and if you have weeds in among your shrubs please send a message to the CCHOA Website and let me know so we can forward it onto 4 Seasons for them to hand pull. They’ll be on the lookout for these situations but sometimes in the effort to get the yards mowed it is overlooked.

Finally, the next pruning of our shrubs will be about late July or early August. A word of warning to all of our residents concerning pruning issues and edging, 4 Seasons tries to make sure they avoid cables and lines that are easy to see but many times the cable companies do not adequately bury their cables making it impossible for them to avoid. Take some time to check yours and if you see them exposed, please have the cable companies come out and bury them deeper so as to prevent a break in your service.

– Kathy

Homeowners must be present with any visitors using the amenities.
If you or your family bring or allow visitors to use the HOA amenities some adult from your household must be with them continuously while they are using the amenities. We have had numerous occasions of visitors who are unaware of our rules and become offended when we tell them to follow the rules and procedures. Please help us with this issue.

New Game Day For the Ladies
Recently Elaine Drake set up a day once a month for the ladies to get together to chat and play games. The first one was June 28 and I heard it was fun and a success. The next one will be on July 26 at noon. Come and enjoy the comradery. Elaine normally posts the dates, times and particulars on Facebook.

Changes in Renting the Clubhouse
A new rental form is on our website. A new Clubhouse Rental Form has been posted on our website for you to fill out if renting the clubhouse. A few changes that you will see include the hours to hold your event which will be a maximum of 6 hours.

You will still be given all-day access to set up and clean up but the event hours will be limited to 6 hours. Why? We have found events running long have built-in hazards especially if there are children and or alcohol involved. Children tend to get bored after a while and will create their own fun with whatever is available when other activities are not provided. Alcohol use after 6 hours is not safe for anyone and we don’t need the resulting problems that come with that. Additionally, when we looked at other community rentals they limit their times to 4 hours or less.

Another issue will be leaving the clubhouse no later than 11:59 PM. If you overstay your time you could lose your deposit or be charged at the least another day rental. Also, the furniture must stay in the clubhouse and not be put outside the clubhouse. The rolling chairs were purchased at over $700 apiece and we do not need them outside and being used as toys. If you are having participants i.e. young children you may want to use the fold-out tables and chairs for their use.

When you rent the clubhouse, you are responsible for the heating and cooling system. Make sure to return to its original setting. If you change the temperature the system will accommodate your desire and eventually return to the settings we have established when not in use. If you change the temperature and hit “hold”, that temperature will continue until someone releases it. This causes an unnecessary cost to all of us because of the renter not releasing the hold. Your compliance in this is expected and could affect your $200 deposit. Additionally, if you do damage to the facility we need to know immediately. If you don’t notify us we may not be able to repair the damage because of the amount of time that has elapsed, especially with stains. In those cases, you will be assessed the cost of either replacing the property or fixing it.

We believe these changes will preserve the investments we made in the clubhouse and will provide better guidelines for the homeowner renting the facility.

Paper Delivery
There have been some complaints about the Sunday ad papers that are delivered. If you don’t want these ads delivered, call them (AJC) at 404-522-4141 and tell them you want to cease delivery. They will stop delivering.

The following are Previous News Articles but good info…

Tennis Court Usage
The tennis courts are made for playing tennis and pickleball. Any other activities can result in damage to the
courts, nets, and fencing. Skateboarding and roller blades will result in damage to the surface.
Additionally, proper footwear is required to protect the surface and the user. The costs to maintain the courts are
in the thousands and therefore we need to follow the procedures for playing at the courts. Please respect this

Pickle Ball
The pickleball group is playing on Saturdays at 9 AM. You can find out more about this group on our website.
You can email Bob Dougherty @ for more information. New players are welcome.
Paddles and balls are provided.

Bunco 6:30 PM
Bunco will not be played during June, July, and August.

Free Library
In the walkway to the fitness room, a bookcase is full of books. The smaller one has children books. You may
take a book to read or you may leave a book for others to read. Feel free to use this trade-off. Tracy Gibson is
the owner of this process you can contact her at

Thanks for reading,
Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

Reminder – New Years Eve Party!

New Year’s Eve Party!!!

When: Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017 @ 8pm

Where: Centennial Commons Clubhouse

Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share and a beverage of your choice! (Alcohol is permitted, although it is expected that you will behave responsibly. No one under 21 will be allowed to drink.) Don’t risk being out of the highway on New Year’s Eve/Day – come join us! We will have card games like BlackJack, Poker, Rummikub, etc. with prizes! If you don’t want to play the games, just visit with your neighbors. Anything goes! Come and stay til midnight or as long as you want. Everyone welcome!

Dress/environment will be very casual.