It’s April already! I haven’t sent a letter out since December. Although it seems like a long time, we’ve only had one full meeting since our annual meeting in January. Also, we decided to move the March meeting due to members unable to attend. As of right now the April meeting is planned to be held at its normal date. Well it’s time I get you caught up.

We had a great time at casino night on New Year Eve. Over 50 participants attended the function and all seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks to the Social committee for organizing and running the event.

We continue to see the homes in the subdivision selling quickly and for some very nice prices. Many of the homes are being sold to single family homes which work to keep the value of our home high. Our rental cap is very close to the limit of 15%. Once that is reached, we will not allow new renters until we have room.

The new coupon books have noted the final date for a payment in any month is the 10th. You must have your payment in CMA’s hand by that date or face a $10 penalty. The monthly payment is actually due on the 1st but you are given 10 days to get the payment in. Please make sure you are giving enough time for your payment to be received and avoid the penalty.

The rest of the information on our activities will be listed below for your reading enjoyment. Have a great spring.

Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President




I know we have addressed this before but bear with me as I try to educate those that may have not read down far enough to see my previous writings on this subject.

  1. The Board does not intend to be your intermediary in any of your disagreements with your neighbors. You need to resolve them if possible, with the neighbor. If the offense is covered in the covenants, the violation will be processed through CMA. That’s why we pay them. The Board has to live with those that live here. We do not take sides except the side of the covenants.
  1. We as a board, take seriously every complaint that is sent to us. Sending emails telling us that we have done nothing, is extremely offensive to those of us who are pursuing your complaint with diligence. Remember, the board is legally obligated to follow the rules of our covenants. Letters are sent, fines are issued and that usually will alleviate the violation.  However, there are times that these warnings are ignored the violations continue, and then need to be turned over to our attorney.  The wheels of justice turn slow, but they do turn!  Laws need to be followed, and unfortunately, time is not on our side.  The laws give the violator every opportunity to correct their violation.
  2. Telling us that you can do better than we can, or that the other Boards did much more or they did it better is not appreciated or helpful. If you have a good suggestion that’s fine, but if it requires plenty of work to accomplish it, I’d suggest you be prepared to get involved to complete it.
  3. The board members also have a vested interest in correcting violations. We live here too and our home values are affected as much as yours.

All of your Board members spend many hours volunteering their time to take care of your investment at no cost to the HOA.   Remember that when you decide to get on your high horse…


  1. If you are unsure of your available options you can submit your complaint via our website at https://centennialcommonshoa.org under “contact us” or write us at centennialcommoner@yahoo.com.
  2. You may also contact Melody Daniels at CMA. Melodydaniel@cmacommunities.com. We do prefer you include the Board in your communications with CMA as we can help track the progress and ensure that timely actions are taking place.
  3. The Board does not do drive arounds to look for violations. CMA does a drive through twice a month. But they will not see everything, nor do they know if a car has been parked for a long period of time.

If you have an issue, you need to alert them as explained previously. Will it require some pictures, addresses and information that only you are aware of? YES. So be prepared to provide that if you want resolution.  Be diligent in your follow up of the complaint, as many of them will depend on your communications with the board and CMA.

Lastly, there are reasons that past Board members are no longer serving and one of them is they get burned out. I’m trying not to let that happen to this current Board. I hope you understand our stance on this.

Don Roach, President


Basketball Court Closing

Soon the basketball court will be closed for a week to maybe two weeks for renovations. There will be a sign posted at the entrance and the door will be chained and locked. Once we are aware of the work date to begin we will send out a Facebook post and email blast.

Upcoming Social Events

Bunco – April 13 and May 11, Bunco is a simple dice game and can be easily learned during the playing of the game. Bring $5 to play and a dish to share and whatever type of refreshment you’d like to drink while playing. Social time begins at 6:30 and the dice rolling starts at 7 AM. Come join them and meet other neighbors.

 Kids Egg Hunt – April 7th , 2 PM, The Easter Bunny will visit the clubhouse for pictures with the kids and then we will hunt for the eggs!

The pickleball group has started back up playing with the warmer weather arriving. A paddle and balls are supplied so all you need to do is wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Instructions will be provided. They play every Saturday at 10 AM until June and then move the time back to 9 AM due to the Atlanta heat.

New Game Day for the ladies

Recently Elaine Drake set up a day once a month for the ladies to get together to chat and play games. Elaine normally posts the dates, times and particulars on Facebook. Watch the calendar and Facebook for the next date.

Spring Garage Sale

Every spring the HOA will designate a weekend for a subdivision yard sale. We’d appreciate many of you to participate in this that are planning to have a garage sale as it brings traffic in to the subdivision one weekend out of the year versus many times a year. The thinking is the first weekend in May, May 3 & 4, will work for those involved to get the signs out, etc. Please plan accordingly although there will be plenty of communication before the event.


Splash has initiated the process of getting the pool ready for the upcoming swim season. As in the past, the pool will open the first week in May. The scheduled date is Saturday May 4. Let’s hope all goes well and we can open on the scheduled date. I will tell you, the water will be very refreshing those first couple of weeks!

Pool party summer dates will be June 15, July 13 and August 10. Save the dates for some family fun…

Entrance Overhaul

Soon we will begin replacing some overgrown and old bushes at the entrance of the subdivision. At our past few meetings the attendees thought we needed to spruce up our entrance and after some Board discussion we agreed that it was time for a fairly large overhaul. Obviously, this will require some money and we will pull the funds from our reserve account. Kathy and her landscaping team are working on the design and with our landscapers on the costs and work to be completed. Also a LED light will be installed at the pillar next to the clubhouse.


The Bermuda grass has had a slow time “waking up” after so much rain and chilly night time temperatures. We’ve already had one turf treatment from Tru-Green to our front and side yards and the second one is due in mid-April and will be a granular pre and post emergent weed control application.

New Residents take note; I have noticed that there are turf treatment signs out at a few resident’s homes during my walks around the neighborhood that do not coincide with our regularly scheduled treatments with Tru-Green through 4 Seasons. 4 Seasons subcontracts out 6 turf treatments during the growing season for your front and side yards so there is no need for a resident to hire a separate company to do your front and side yards. In fact, doing that can actually harm the health of your turf by doubling up on fertilizer and weed control that can weaken and kill your grass. The 6 turf treatments that we get from Tru-Green are included as part of your monthly dues so they are already paid for. So, save your money and let our neighborhood contract with Tru-Green do the work for you.

One other item I will mention, there we will be major changes to our front entrance landscaping in the next month to replace the 16-year-old, over mature shrubs that we have out there right now and improve sight distance uphill on Woodstock Rd.

Other previous topics published but good information

Holiday Decorations:  Remember to put decorations in the pine straw. Decorations should be removed promptly after the holiday is over. Thank you.

2019 Year

We are looking for resident volunteers for committees for the 2019 Season.  If you have a little extra time and would like to help, please email us at centennialcommoner@yahoo.com

Roofs: As I’m sure you’re aware of we’ve had problems with the roofing shingles that the original builder installed. Many residents have replaced theirs but there are many more homes that may need it to be done. The insurance companies and roofers are well aware of our issues so be careful with both. Review your insurance contract yearly as some insurance companies are writing in a different coverage for roofs that may raise your deductible for a replacement. Others are insisting on partial replacements (that most likely would be unacceptable to the HOA) or temporary repairs until what time the roof runs out of life and or they will only pay a small portion of the cost. Also be very careful of whom you hire as some these companies go out of business within one or two years and who would you go back against for poor workmanship if they no longer exist.

Tennis Court Usage

The tennis courts are made for playing tennis and pickle ball. Any other activities can result in damage to the courts, nets and fencing. Skateboarding and roller blades will result in damage to the surface.

Additionally, proper footwear is required to protect the surface and the user. The costs to maintain the courts are in the thousands and therefore we need to follow the procedures for playing at the courts. Please respect this amenity.

In home businesses

There are certain restrictions in our Covenants for running a business out of your home.   Refer to Article 8.1 Residential Use for a detailed explanation.

Clubhouse Rentals Issues

We find that when there are children present at clubhouse rentals or when using the amenities at the clubhouse, they become bored and will entertain themselves either in the hallway or enter the fitness room when they are not of age. You the parent are responsible for their behavior. Please keep an eye on your children or your guests to make sure no one is injured or property is damaged. You the key holder will be held accountable.

Dog Feces

We have received many complaints regarding homeowners who walk their dogs and do not pick up after their dog. The residents have asked us to do something about this. As much as we agree that this is a very inconsiderate action, neither the board nor CMA has any recourse to this action without specific information.

In order to notify CMA to issue a violation, we must have either the dog owners name and/or address.  Also, if possible, take a photo and include it, would be helpful.  Just a photo by itself, without any other information renders us helpless to pursue the homeowner. All names of those filing a complaint are kept completely confidential as we protect the privacy of our homeowners.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is the best and fastest way to get immediate information regarding the subdivision, i.e.; looking for recommendations on home issues, posting events in the community, lost dogs, found dogs, and yes, even our recent bear sighting! If you have not already done so, please go to CCHOA in Acworth on Facebook and ask to join the group. We need to remind homeowners that this page is not somewhere to post a personal grievance that you feel the board should handle.  If you want the board to act on a complaint, make sure to send an email to centennialcommoner@yahoo.com.  Your email will be forwarded to the proper person to handle.

(Make sure to take the time to read the conduct policy regarding all posts.)  


The other way to get information is to join our email list. You are getting this because we have your email information and can send you important information quickly. If your neighbor doesn’t know why they are not getting this, it’s because the Secretary, Shirley Cox, does not have their info. Tell them to drop her a line at shirleycchoa@gmail.com. And she will add you to our community email list.

Homeowners must be present with any visitors using the amenities

If you or your family brings or allows visitors to use the HOA amenities some adult from your household must be with them continuously while they are using the amenities.  We have had numerous occasions of visitors who are unaware of our rules and become offended when we tell them to follow the rules and procedures. Please help us with this issue.


Thanks for reading,

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

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