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The kids’ summer vacation is almost over and actually, 2/3rds of this rainy summer is very close to being in the history books. I do hope your summer has been an enjoyable time for you and your family.

I cannot say this enough, go to our website and look around. You will find everything you need, especially information to handle most of your questions and how to submit various forms and report issues. The website address is on the top of this newsletter for your convenience! Additionally, our email address is also at the top of the letterhead…

The HOA does seem to be very green this year. Probably the best year ever for grass, bushes, and weeds! With the lack of labor and trying to work around the raindrops, the landscaping company (Brightview) has had their hands full. They of course do not want to displease us as we have a very large contract together. We know they are trying to conquer the difficult obstacles that they’ve had and for that reason, we are giving them some latitude. Unfortunately for some residents, they are not as patient. We have had an unusual amount of complaints this year which we can understand and are trying to resolve the issues as best we can through the contractor. If you have any specific issues you need to be addressed send an email to the HOA and we will forward to Brightview for handling. Complaints on Facebook will not be handled or posted. Thanks for your understanding and compliance with these instructions.

Our HOA open meeting was held Monday, July 19 and we had a good crowd attend at the clubhouse. The following line items in this letter will get those that could not make it up to date. Please sift through the material so you are aware of what is going on in your subdivision.

Lastly, we are losing a couple of friends, neighbors, a director, volunteers, hardworking, caring, innovative, handyman, party, and game organizers. I’m sure I missed some superlatives to describe Bill and Elaine Drake. They are moving to Florida and the HOA Board and volunteer family will miss them dearly. Bill will be leaving after 2 years on the Board as the ACC director. Bill also volunteered on the ACC committee for years. He also volunteered to paint, power wash, replace toilets and just be our overall fix-it guy whenever we needed him at no cost to the HOA. Elaine has been the social committee Director for over 10 years. She ran the pool parties, Bunko, ladies card games, egg hunt, Santa Picture day, casino night, holiday light contest and recently wine night. They will leave huge holes to fill.

Fortunately for us, we have had a few residents step up to help. Candice Ahrens will now take over for Elaine and will immediately step in to organize this summer’s pool parties. Linda Baker will help Candice with the food portion of the parties. Helen Shove will take on the task of organizing the ladies’ card games held each month. Kim Davis who has been our other fix-it guy has offered his assistance when he can. Kim helps us although he has a full-time business which in itself takes many hours a week to run. We will lean on our volunteers to help us fill these holes and I’m sure they will come through as they always do!

Thanks for taking the time to read through the letter. Hopefully, you will find it informational.


Don Roach

President CCHOA


New Director

Effective immediately Stephanie Davis will be replacing Bill Drake as the ACC Director. Stephanie has been a volunteer for the HOA for years. She is very talented and has a background in coordinating business adventures. She will be an asset to the HOA and the ACC committee. Thank you Stephanie for volunteering your talent and time to us!

Pool Events

Pool party will be held on Aug. 21 between 4-8 PM. Food will be provided. Please bring your own drinks and if you have special dietary needs bring those foods with you.

Fulltime Pool Monitors end Aug. 1. Pool Monitors will be only at the pool for the month of August and first weekend of Sept. including Labor Day from 9 AM to 9 PM. New hours for the weekdays will be posted as daylight shrinks. Waivers will be required to use the pool.

Chuck Whitaker is always looking for volunteers to help with water testing, emptying garbage cans and closing/opening requirements. Contact Chuck at cchoaamenities@gmail.com or by phone at 404-934-5023.

Signs Everywhere a Sign

Our covenants state residents cannot place vendor advertising signs in their front yards. We have allowed them for 24 hours after the work was finished. After that they need to be removed.

Kids’ Safety

Every year we discuss the need to slow down while driving through the subdivision for safety reasons. Again this is a reminder to slow down and watch for children playing in or near the streets. I’m sure none of us want to have an accident with our neighbors who may not be looking out for you and your vehicle. This is not about who is right, it’s about avoiding a tragedy.

Newspapers in the Driveways

Second notice: Here is another item we’ve discussed many times and continues in some locations over and over. This too will be met with violation letters and fines if necessary to bring the home into compliance. Pick up your unwanted newspapers or stop the subscription. All of these free newspapers have a number to call when you no longer want them.

Pressure Washing / Fines

Expect to have a violation letter if your home needs pressure washed. Now is the time to get this done.

Fitness Center / Clubhouse Opening

Both amenities will not have any restrictions other than what was previously required such as weekend rentals for the clubhouse during summer pool use. There will be a $40 disinfectant cleaning fee added to all rentals.

Street and Stop Signs

We have received an estimate from one of the 3 vendors and the cost is close to $10,000 which is painful considering we will be one of the few that have complied with the law. It appears the other two vendors are not interested in bidding on the work. We are reaching out to the vendor to ensure the current posts can handle the larger size signs before proceeding. The Board has decided the aesthetics of the subdivision is worth the cost of keeping the nice posts and fancy signs.

This is the why we are doing this. From the May 2021 newsletter – We’ve been notified by Cobb County that our street signs are not in compliance with the 2009 Federal Sign changes. In other words, the law requires signs to be larger and more reflective. If we had county posts and signs the county would automatically change them when they got to our area. But the developer put in designer posts. We are not sure if we can place the larger signs on these posts. Bob Weber and Bill Drake are working with some county provided vendors to get that information and costs. The last resort is to let the county come in and put their posts in at no cost to us. Our cost would be in removing all the posts that are currently erected. Stay tuned.

Mailbox Numbers

With Bill Drake leaving, the Board will provide numbers as we have them. The Board will not replace mailbox numbers for you. You will need to do the work yourself or have it done. If you want to replace your own numbers here is a vendor that can provide you with the 2″ Williamsburg Brass Mailbox numbers:

Addresses of Distinction.com, 800-436-1647, 770-436-6198, $3.95 each plus shipping.

Landscaping News

  • Brightview to pull weeds versus spraying – to begin immediately
  • Weeds will be pulled and Butterfly bush trimmed at front entrance.
  • Tree limbs along road over the creek will be trimmed up. Brightview to get estimate.
  • We discussed the abundance of weeds in lawns. Trugreen to respray for the weeds.
  • Soft edging to begin this week
  • We discussed crew size and the difficulty of hiring people. Brightview will try to maintain a 5 person crew M-W. Crew will be headquartered closer soon to cut down on travel time.
  • Next lawn application will be applied on August 12.
  • Regular crew will do trimming of bushes.

Financial Update

As of June 30, 2021 our total assets stand at $511,896. Approximately $20,000 less than April 2021. This is due to costs such as pinestraw, pool construction work, pool contract payments coming to date, and parking lot resurfacing plus other high price items that may not be in play as the year continues. Delinquent accounts are $11,161. Approximately $2700 has been collected in past due accounts. Delinquent accounts are coming down slightly.  Our income is running behind our expenses by over $9,000. Expenses are running higher due to high expense items coming due such as aeration and pinestraw. Additionally we have expensed items that we use to capitalize. These funds would have come from the reserve in the past and no notation would be needed. We are doing this for you to better see our total expenses. We still remain confident annual expenses will not be higher than income. Therefore the Board is certain, with more than adequate assets in our accounts, our current monthly fees cover our annual expenses and the reserves are funded well enough for any unforeseen issues in 2021.


Thanks for reading!

Don Roach, President and the Board of Centennial Commons

Directors: Bob Weber – Finance, Chuck Whitaker – Amenities, Bill Drake & Stephanie Davis – ACC Coordinators, and Shirley Cox – Secretary

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